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Liam smiled at me and I looked at Louis who was laughing at Niall. I thought he was going crazy or insane but that was Louis. He was as crazy as they come. Liam kept staring at me until Louis brotherly instinct kicked in and he yelled for me. I ran to him like I'd been shot at. He laughed it off as usual.

"So lets began with some dinner and then we can either watch a movie or play truth or dare," he said getting his food off the stovetop. To my surprise it looked decent. I'd say Zayn fixed it.

"He did," Louis said. I didn't mean to say it aloud. Gosh stupid mouth of line always running.

I looked at what seemed like a Chinese meal. We had sushi and some mixed vegetables and also egg rolls. This meal was prepared well. I ate two servings for the simple fact that I loved sushi. The boys couldn't get over how much I ate. I was a pig when it came to food.

"Well it's time for us to either go watch a movie or play truth or dare," Louis said looking at each of us. It was an even spread throughout the room. Two watching movies and three truth or dares but we all had to vote. Liam and Zayn wanted to watch a movie but the other three wanted to play games.

I was like my brother though I loved playing games. Louis looked at me as if to pick truth or dare. He kept eyeing me.

"Okay let's play," u said causing Liam and Zayn to groan. I smiled and went to the living room. I sat between Louis and Harry.

"So Liam and Zayn don't like this game huh?" I asked Louis. Harry answered with a 'not really' and looked at Louis. He didn't seem to care at all. My phone started vibrating but I ignored it. Niall sat on the other side of Louis. Zayn sat on the other side of Harry. Liam sat between Zayn and Niall.

After what seemed like thirty minutes we all had taken a turn in some of the stupidest dares ever. Louis dared me to eat a whole sheet of white paper to which I didn't care to. I use to chew on it as a kid. He dared Zayn to mess his own hair up, at first he refused but it was either that or go nude and his hair took the prize. Niall had to eat two raw eggs. Liam had to go shirtless through the rest of the game. Harry was forced to go pant less.

"Okay, Niall truth or dare," I asked knowing he'd answer this one right.

"Dare please," he said glaring at me with an evil grin.

"Oh no, dude why," Louis said I instantly glared at him to shut up.

"What," Niall questioned.

"She's my sister that means she'll eat you alive at this game," Louis said causing me to slap him. Niall shrugged and waited for my dare.

"I dare you to get in the chest box by the window and stay there for three minutes with no light or sound," I said he froze.

"Bu-but I'm scared of tight spaces," he said nervously. Louis looked at me with fear.

"Niall if you don't want to then just take the alternative and go naked," Louis said. I shook my head.

"No alternatives for this one donut or you will be out of the game," I told him. He looked at the chest then gulped. He walked over to it. Everyone watched as he climbed in and closed the top.

"Amanda, what are you doing he is claustrophobic," Louis questioned.

"He picked dare," I said they had no clue what I was doing. I had already known he was claustrophobic but this would cure that for him.

"Amanda he can't stay in that forever let him have another choice," Louis said looking to the box. I shook my head.

After three minutes I walked over to the box and opened the top. Niall was laying still looking at his phone. The boys were shocked.

"Boys I'm not claustrophobic this is actually really comfortable," he said the boys looked and me and smiled while Niall hopped out of the chest.

"You knew what would cure him," Liam asked I nodded.

"If he were to scream and shout in that box I would have opened it and said enough but I knew he could face his fears," I said patting Niall on the back. He smiled and sat on the floor. I grabbed his shoulder and grinned then went back to my spot.

"Alright Amanda truth or dare," Louis said with a scarce voice. I was wise.

"Truth," I said he groaned.

"What exactly are you doing in London," Louis asked I shrugged my shoulders.

"Just decided to move back and see if I could make any new friends and maybe make a life here," I answered lying to him, he didn't see through it.

"Well we're your friends love," Liam said making my heart flutter. I smiled and nodded.

The boys decided it was enough ad most of them, well, Niall, Zayn, and Harry went home. Liam and Zayn wanted to stay up and watch movies but I told the. I had to go home. They offered me a ride but I told them I didn't live but right up the road. They tried to change my mind but I refused.

I walked home trying to stay awake I was so sleepy. I heard sirens and dogs barking. This was definitely the life I loved. I loved hearing cats meowing on the streets and dogs barking. It reminded me if home.

I got bak home to see a familiar golden retriever dog on my porch. He was laying still and had a leash attached to my railing. I seem a piece of paper and picked it up.

'I tried to call but you were busy, I left Noah on your porch because I will be gone for a few weeks and need someone to watch him you were my last hope, thanks so much for this

Love you, Natalie'

Natalie was my best friend. She and I hadn't been in speaking terms since I got here but I knew she wouldn't stay mad at me forever. I looked at Noah and sighed.

"Well lets get you inside I guess you can sleep in my bed with me," I said taking his leash, unlocking the door and taking him inside. I was going to be keeping him for a while so he might as well get use to being inside my house.

I took him upstairs and told him to sleep on the foot of the bed. I changed into some pajamas and laid down on my bed. After about twenty minutes Noah was laying beside me on the other half of the bed. I sighed and rolled over.


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