Chapter 2

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"Luciano, I can explain-", you started as you turned to face him.

You had only taken half a step before a knife was pointed at your face. Your heart stopped beating for a mere second as the sharp objected was near you.

"'Explain'? You think I want an explination from a cazzo cagna such as yourself? I laugh at your pity", he spat out with a death glare. 

He looked up at Al, who was standing behind you emotionless. 

"Prendete la vostra puttana e uscire dalla mia vista", Luciano said as he put the knife away.

You heard Al make that annoyed noise again before answering back.

"Yeah, yeah. I will".

You had fallen to your knees in complete distress, hoping that he hadn't just threatened you. But, sure enough, he did. 

Luciano looked down at you with absolute disgust.

"And for the record", he started as he pulled out a folded piece of paper. It was one of the love notes you wrote him. You were happy to know he kept it. 

"I don't date ragazzas like you. Especially one's who have a thing for lying".

He ripped the paper right in front of you, letting the pieces flutter down to the ground. But, to make it worse and cause you more pain, he spat and stomped them into the ground.

When the Italian stopped the harsh acts, he looked at Al then back at you before continuing forward on the walkway. You stayed on your knees, upset that you were so harshly rejected. You heard another pair of footsteps walk up behind you.

"C'mon, babe. Get up. We can talk about it on the wa-", you pushed Al out of the way, inturrupting him mid-sentance.

"Don't touch me! Don't ever touch me!", you exclaimed angrily as you smacked him away from you.

He backed off, letting you have your space. You glared at him with tears in your eyes. Before he could even take one step forward, you ran off. You didn't know where you were running off to, but you booked it. You could hardly see from your tears, turning a corner and running down that street.

A few hours passed and you had made yourself a little spot in an ally to let your emotions flow through. You had fallen for a guy only to hit the ground face first. Your chest hurt everytime you inhaled, causing you to let out a shakey exhale.

People nonchaluntly passed by you, not wanting to deal with a broken hearted teenage girl. Mascera streamed down your face due from your salty tears.

As you sat there in self pity, a man-no-a teenage guy, walked up to you and offered you his hand.

"Come on, love. I have cupcakes back at my place", he said happily with a smile and a thick british accent.

Was it really okay? Taking a stranger's hand? You were always told not to associate with strangers, but he had cupcakes. You thought 'what do I have to lose? My life is already ruined as it is'. You took the stranger's hand as he pulled you up from the ground.

"What's your name, poppet?", he asked sweetly.

"________", you replied with your head down and your gaze at the sidewalk beneath you.

He smiled as his light blue eyes tried to meet yours. A few strands of his blonde bangs were covering just above his eye lids. But his eyebrow stood out like a sore thumb. 'Those are some thick brows' you thought to yourself.

"I'm Oliver. It's a pleasure to meet you, miss ________".

Somehow, his smile seemed to calm you down a bit. You followed him, looking at the ground the entire way. You weren't in the mood for conversation, and he understood that you needed your personal space. 

You two walked up to a large building at the end of a long street. The building was 10 stories high and had about 8 doors in each row. The living complex looked very classy with the majority of the building being glass. It was now around 9 o'clock at night, so you were very tired and could hardly even keep your eyes open. At this point, you didn't care where you slept, you just wanted to sleep. Period.

Oliver led you up the stairs to the third floor and the fifth door down that aisle. He revealed his keys to the room and was ready to unlock the door until a loud crash was heard from inside. You woke up a little from the sudden noise.

You heard Oliver sigh, hanging his head and shaking it. 

"Not again", he huffed under his breath, "you'll have to excuse the noise. My roommate's been throwing a fit since this afternoon".

Roommate? 'Wait? Apartment, no supervision, Oliver'. You thought long and hard. As you thought, Oliver opened the door, being polite and letting you step inside first, but you just stood there until you realized 'Hold on; Didn't Al say something about-'

"'Sup, babe?", you heard a familiar voice say.

You looked up and, sure enough, there he was, his baseball bat in hand with those god foresaken nails sticking out from all around the barrel. 'Damn it', you thought.

You let out an annoyed sigh. 'Of all the places in the world, why here'? Oliver had walked to the kitchen, getting what he promised. You stood there in the doorway, looking at Al.

He stood there across the way, staring back with a smirk on his face.  You two just glared at wach other. Your's full of hatred, his full of lust and want. Yeah, you found him attractive, but you'd never let him put his hands on you.

Oliver walked out with a batch of discolored cupcakes. The actual cupcake looked like chocolate because it was brown, but the icing was red; blood red. The sprinkles looked normal, so you thought nothing of it. You thanked him for the treat and was ready to take a bite. Before you could put it to your mouth, Al sprinted over and smacked the cupcake out of your hand. It splatted on the ground and you glared at Al with a 'what the legit fuck' look. 

"If you eat that piece of shit, you'll end up in the fucking ground", Al explained.

Oliver made a frowning face as he licked off the frosting from his cupcake. 

"That wasn't very nice, Alfie", Oliver whined.

"'Nice' my ass. Those damn cupcakes of yours are more deadly than when you call Kuro, 'Kiku'. Don't feed her your lousy cupcakes of death, you damn Brit".

Al pushed you off down the hall, trying to get you away from Oliver as quickly as possible. He had gotten you to his room and you just sat on the bed. What now? Was this his plan? Wa he going to do things to you?

He let out a heavy sigh before turning to face you. But the only thing he could do was open his mouth before there was a sweet knock on his bedroom door. He growled again and stormed over, opening the door and being tackled to the ground by a flash of bright pink.

"Gah! What the hell?!", Al exclaimed in confusion.

The girl sat up and smiled down at him happily before planting a kiss on his lips unexpectedly. You were taken back a bit but didn't care all that much. 

"Hiya Alfie! 'Dya miss me~? Of course you did~", her voice squealed in a high pitch, almost hurtful to the ears.

Once everyone had settled down, you stood up from the bed. Al also stood up, dusting himself off.

"Well, I guess an introduction is needed, huh?", Al annoyingly let out.

"_______, this is-", Al startted.

"-Alice Kirkland. I'm Al's girlfriend", she interrupted.

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