Blood Line

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I was putting away my clean laundry in my drawers when my mother called my name. "Delilah!" I got up and made my way down stairs to the living room where she held a Manila envelope in her hands. My eyes widened as I realized what it was.

I ran up to my mother and grabbed the package from her hand. I opened it and reached inside for the letter. The letter was in a white envelope with a crested moon stamped in the right hand top corner in black. I opened the envelope and started to read to letter.

Dear Ms.Levan,

    In two days the new school year at Triskele Academy will start. We are aware that last year you joined us but did not stay for the summer program and did not enroll for the upcoming year. You are aware that the academy is for supernatural species and gifts.

Creatures Such as Werewolf, Vampires, Mermaids,  Elves, Fairies, Genies, Shape-Shifters,Dragon Slayers, Siren, descendent of god (Greek, Roman, Egyptian), Angels, Fallen Angels,and Demons.

Powers such as being a Teller, Spell Caster, Enchanter, Controller of Elements (Fire,Water,Wind,Earth, Metal),and Death Riser.

After carefully reviewing your portfolio from the year before we ask you come and join us for the upcoming year. You are expected to arrive on campus between the hours of 9am and 9pm (matters on time of your flight from Seattle) on September 5th. You will be given your room key and like always share a room with a different species/gifted student. Your roommate will not be the same from last years as you know. You have been joining us for the past 3 years since age 13. Like any other student the school is completely free.

We are aware that your Father is a Dragon Slayer and Birth Mother is the Egyptian Goddess Seshat goddess of writing, astronomy/astrology, architecture, and mathematics. Which gives you two special abilities a rare sight in our school and other supernatural schools similar to ours such as Davinci Academy, Academy for the Supernaturally Gifted and Supernatural Species, Magic And Gifted Supernatural Academy, Virgo Academy, Olympus Academy for the Supernatural, Tera Academy for Supernatural Species and Gifted,Stargazer Academy, Storybook Academy, Bratel Academy for the Supernatural, and Severside Academy.

We hope you are able to join us for another school year once again Ms.Levan, all other information is in the package.

Your Headmaster,

    Mrs.Evangeline Contras

I finished reading the letter and was almost jumping in joy. I had forgotten to register for the school year and was devastated when I wasn’t able too. I dug around in the Manila Folder finding the student handbook, and class that are offered. We still had to take mandatory classes such as Maths, English, Hunting, and Training. Optional classesare Medical, Spell casting and potions, Greek, Latin, Egyptian, Dragon and Griffon Training, Arts, and Sports period (mandatory if on sports team).

I looked up to my mom, well stepmom, with a smile. My smile left when I realized i would be leaving her with my younger brother and adopted without help in the house. “Don’t worry Delilah You and your brother need to pack. Give him his package.” I sighed. “You and Justice are going to be by yourself till January when dad get’s back from deployment. Does he know?” I asked. “I’ll tell him when he calls again.” she told me then shooed me off to pack. I stopped in my tracks when I realized something. “Why isn’t Justice going?” I asked. “They haven’t went a letter to Justice.” I nodded my head and started to make my way to my brothers room.

“Drake.” I called. He looked up from his book on mythology. “What are you doing?” I asked. “Learning about your mom.” He said answering my question. I laughed a bit then held out the package. “You better start packing we leave tomorrow night.” I told him. His face was in awe. “I thought you got in because you have two abilities.” he stated. I shook my head. “Either or would have gotten me in. You're still a dragon slayer.” I told him. With that I left my Fourteen year old brother in his room.

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