Summer For Life

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Chapter One - Last Day

"Yay! It's the last day of school!" My best friend Lily said making me laugh.

"No more damn homework!" Shouted Ava, my other best friend.

We walked out of school after gathering our things and putting them in my car. Lily sat in front while Ava sat in back, I got behind the wheel.

"I still cannot believe your mother bought you a Jag." Lily said.

"I'm surprised myself!" I said to her.

The top was down at the moment because its May and like freaking 100° out here!

"My parents are too selfish to buy me a car." Ava said. I looked in my rearview mirror and saw she was relaxing with her feet in the seat and her back on the cushioned door.

"I know! I'm seventeen year old and still don't have a car, it's unfair." Lily added.

I opened my mouth to say something but was interrupted by a deep voice saying, "Hello, my ladies."

I look over to see Alex Madison standing at my car door smiling with his pearly white teeth, bastard.

"What do you want, Alex?" Ava scolded.

"Just wanted to say 'hey'," Alex said frowning.

"Hello, and goodbye." I told him shifting the gears to my car.

"Wait! Wait!" He said. I stopped.

"I was wondering if I could have a ride? To my house?" He asked looking more serious then ever.

"What's wrong with your car?" Lily asked looking at him.

"I got it towed last night." He confessed making Ava laugh.

"Your fucking car got towed! Oh! I can't even..." She was laughing do hard. Alex glared at her.

Alex and Ava had a relationship last year, they were head over heels for each other. Till, he got drunk at a party and had sex with a blonde. Ava was very sad, now they walk around glaring and hating each other.

It's pure bliss. Sarcasm.

"Well..." I hesitated.

I couldn't just leave him! He looked so sad I think Lily was falling for it, she silently let out; "Aw."

I groan in frustration and tell him to get in, I saw Ava frown and glare at me. She put her feet on the car floor, Alex jumped in beside her.

"Hey Ava-"

"I hate you." She said.

"Fine then." He shot back.

I spent the rest of the trip to his house listening to them fight and fuss about their past.


I just wanted to yell it to their faces right there, right now. They're such big cry babies!

I let out a relieved sigh when I pull in front of his house.

"Thank you, Vivian." Alex grumbled and slammed the door shut, he stomped inside.

"He's a fucking cry baby." Ava said.

So are you.

I pull out of his driveway and drove to my house, gosh I hate couples.

Once we get to my house I see Mom and Dad packing their things.

"Vivian! Sweetie!" Mom said.

"What are you doing?" My voice filled with concern.

"We're going on a business trip for a week," Dad said. My Mom glares at him making him smirk.

"I'm sorry, but we are. I hope you don't mind." Mom says.

"Don't mind? It's fine, I'll be fine alone." I say to her with a bright smile.

Lily and Ava smiled also. I can tell they were confused! My friends are so funny when their confused, they're all smiling or waving or something. It's plain hilarious!

"Okay, good. No parties, no one is allowed over except Ava and Lily. No boys-" My Mom paused.

"What? No, you said next week will be the deadline, Lauren!" My Mom was yelling in her Bluetooth.

My Dad was fussing in the Bluetooth also, gosh. They never pay attention to me. I told them bye and went upstairs, I'd probably not see them next week either. Who cares? I can live!

We got to my room and Ava went to the bean bag chair, Lily went to the bathroom. As always.

I guess they have a routine when they come to my house, they see my parents and smile then when we get to my room Ava sits, Lily pees. I lay on my bed and relax.

I heard the toilet flush and Lily appeared in sight, Ava was already looking at a magazine. I was staring at the ceiling. Lily sat in the chair that is behind my vanity.

"Guess what day it is!" Lily said.

"Um...May 21." I said. She nodded and smiled.

"You're turning seventeen on May 23!" Lily shouted.

Ava laughed, "Finally." I chuckle and sit up. "It's just changing a number, guys." I stated.

"Don't you remember?!" Ava said standing up and sitting beside me.

"Huh?" I said.

"The vow? To run whenever you turn 17." Lily added to Ava's sentence.

"Oh yeah, I almost forgot!" I stood this time.

"I've saved a lot of money," Ava said looking at me. "Same here." Lily said standing.

"I did too, it's over here." I motioned them to my dresser. I picked up a jar shaped like Hello Kitty and opened the top. I pulled out all the money.

"How much is that?" Ava asked amazed at the amount.

"Five hundred dollars." I told them making their eyes pop.

"Damn, I have like two hundred or so." Lily said. I laugh.

I can't wait to go to Miami.

Authors Note;

So this is my first chapter, it's not that good but I promise along the way it gets better!

This is my first story on Wattpad also, so please, don't judge me!

Thank you for reading!

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