*Chapter 45*

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[Vic's POV]

Day 4. Nothing.

We lit a candle for Avie's birthday yesterday, but it made us feel like shit. We already had bought her presents early before this all happened. It felt like lighting at a memorial vigil.

They still sat there, wrapping in pretty light purple or blue wrapping paper.

I woke up the next morning and was getting some coffee ready, sipping some and then feeding my puppy, Tito, and waited near the phone when Mike walked in, WhiskeyHands trailing behind him.

"Good morning," he said, and I say it back.

"Anything??" he asked, in hopes we got something.

"Just some more good lucks from fans," i said.

He nodded sadly. "I'll go take the dogs outside for a walk," he said, grabbing two leashes.

I nodded and started to brew some coffee for him.

I then hear the bus door open but instead of hearing puppy barking, i hear Mike's screams.

I drop my mug, letting it shatter in a puddle of coffee, and ran to where Mike was on the ground, screaming in panic at the shocking sight before him.

There, just at the entrance of the bus, hung a dead body, its arm and both legs chopped off and insides hollowed out, and neck slit wide open across and then down, and a missing hand.

I felt like i was going to throw up, but gladly i didn't and worked on trying to pull my fearstriken brother out of there as Jaime and Tony dashed in, along witht he crew, Jaime holding a baseball bat and Tony grabbing a metal candle holder.

"What's going on!? What- Oh my god..." Jaime said in utter shock as him and Tony saw the body in front.

I approached carefully after Mike had calmed down, the puppies had darted hidign under the couch i think, and nearly fainted when i saw who it was.

"G-Guys.. Its Randy Dylan..." i said, shocked.

Everyone's eyes grew wide. Who could have...

Before i can continue my thoughts, we hear one of our phones ring and we dart forward, it was Tony's and he quickly answered it, putting it on speaker.

"Hello??" he said.

"This is the California State Police Department. Is this Tony Perry?" one asked.

"Yeah, what's up?" Tony asked.

"We may have a lead to Avery Winters's location," he said.

We all sighed with relief.

"However, it will need time to track. We recieved a 911 call from Santa Clara. Someone named... Randy Dylan," the officer said and we immediatly froze. "But he was interupted by gunshots before he can reveal a location. We are working to find him as well."

I gulped and took the phone, looking at poor Randy as he hung there.

"W-We found Randy... You might want to send some guys to our place. Its not good..." i said.

[Avie's POV]

"Blake..." i said, looking up at him.

"Its okay, Avie. I'm here," he said, kneeling down. He wore all white, and had white wings with him.

"Blake... It hurts... It hurts so bad..." i sobbed.

"I know, but it'll be okay," he said, smiling a small smile at me.

I felt more guitl as he sat next to my broken body.

"Blake... I'm so sorry i let you die," i sobbed, reaching for his face. "I'm so sorry I let Mom and Dad die."

"Shhh, its okay. Its not your fault. Avie, i know you can make it out of this, you have to be strong," he said.

I let out a cry, feeling more blood coming from my chest.

"I don't wanna move on, Blake... My body... My heart, it... It hurts so bad..." i sobed. "Please, make the pain go away, Blake, please!!!"

"I want to so badly, but you have to overcome it. You have to survive. For me. For Mom and Dad. For Tony..." he said.

I felt my my heart break more, if that were even possible.

"Avie, honey," another voice said, and i looked to my right and.... 

"Mom... Dad..." i said. They also wore all white and had white wings like Blake.

"Sweetheart, we're so sorry... We didn't know what we were thinking," Mom said.

"We weren't thinking about you when we couldn't control our grief. And right when we changed our minds... It was too lat," Dad said sadly.

"It pains us to see the awful things those horrible people did to you, what's you've gone through, and worse hurting yourself," Mom said.

I choked out a loud sob, blood spewing with it.

"I'm so sorry!!" I cried out.

"Its okay, baby. You have to be strong. You're a Winters and we never give up. I know you can do it," Dad said.

"But... But i wanna be with you... I don't want to be in this world anymore. Please, let me come with you!!!" i begged. "P-Please!!! It hurts so much!! I miss you all too muh, and I can't take anymore of this pain, please!!!!"

"You're not ready to go yet, Bunny. You can be with us soon, I promise you," Blake said.

I cried more as he leaned down and hugged me, and then i felt another presence.

"Avie..." i looked up and saw...

"Randy...Rocky..." i said, trying to smile. He also wore white, and Rocky had a white collar.

Rocky licked my hand happily. He looked healthy and injury free, as if raised by actual people.

'Please, you have to move on. You can't let Mindy and these guys win. You have to pull through. For Tony. He loves you, and he deserves a person as amazing as you. He's your hero," he said.

Tony... Oh god, Tony... 

It was then Blake, Mom, and Dad, kissed my cheeks and forehead and got up.

'We'll see you someday, Avie," Mom said.

"N-No... don't leave..." i sobbed, reaching out to them with a bloody hand.

"We promise, we'll never leave you," Dad said.

"Keep fighting, baby sis," Blake said. 

"Bye Avie. Always by your side," Randy said, and tehy all began to fade away.

"No... Don't leave me alone, please!!" I begged, but then they were gone, and that's when i realized it was dark again.

I screamed out with all the pain and power in my lungs, not caring if they ran inside to beat me up, or even kill me.

I then felt my voice give out and grew tired. 

"Just sleep. It'll be okay. Listen to your folks. That guitar player needs you," my double said to me as she continued laying on the ground.

I gulped back tears and just felt myself dozing to sleep.

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