The Man Of Many Minds

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Chapter One ~

The bitter night was making my skin be subjected to goosebumps. My dark mane quielty in the wind behind me. My little black dress blew around, but I wasn't expecting a Marilyn moment. My heeled ankle boots stepped the pavenents. My boyfriend, Lee, swung his hooded jumper over my shoulders.

"Now you won't shiver, Lexi. We will be home soon." Beau sweetly comforted.

He was now dresses in a grey sweater and jeans. He was ever so sweet. We were walking home from a romantic dinner in one of the many restaurants of New York. We walked in silence due to our tiredness and longing to call it a night in bed. We have been living together for almost a year in an apartment. Wasn't luxury, but it was a home for just us. We have been going steady since high school. It was a dream romance. The streetlights shone of the streets of the dreams. Not many characters were walking around tonight. It was too early for the release of clubbers and too late for everyone else. We had a couple of blocks to go. We continued our trek. Our footsteps in time. But there was another set of footsteps from a figure behind. Heavy and fast. I looked at Lee and signaled my uncomfort. He matched we holding my hand tightly and picking up pace. The figure kept following us as if it was a shadow. My gut started to turn and something made me feel uneasy. Lee started getting urged to say something. The tension was growing like weeds. Before I knew it Lee turned around to face the figure. I turned but placed my body behind Lee for protection. The figure stood over.

"Dude, cut it out!" Lee yelled.

His eyes were full of fury. The figure was a man. Lanky and middle aged. His white straw hair matched in pale skin. He was clothed in layers of jackets and sweater with slacks and heavy boots. It was as if he was picked out of the past and placed in the his future. His presence was retire and gave me more chills than the weather. He gave me the creeps.

"I suggest you step away from us if you don't want trouble. We are just trying to go home." Lee cautioned.

"I see. I didn't want any trouble to be caused by me. I just think you two are confused." The man said.

Lee looked at me confused and I agreed. This strange man was most likely off his marbles.

"Whatever you say, man. Who are you?" Lee quizzed.

"My name is Claude. You too should get on your way now away from me. Bye!" Claude cheerfully said as he paced away.

"That guy is off his medication. I'm sure he is harmless though. Let's just go home. I just want to get in bed and watch a movie till we fall asleep. I am feeling something funny." Lee comforted.

"I just want to sleep. I am wrecked." I said.

We kept traveling towards home. My anxiety forced me to look out for the creep. I wanted to go home so bad.

Chapter Two ~

"Baby, turn it down a bit." I yawned to Lee.

He was staying up to watch his cop shows while I planned to catch an early night. I laid close to his body why he embraced me. I slowly drifted to my slumber.

I was drifting away when I could feel lee become distracted. I just thought that he heard the dog or the apartment piping settling. He stroked my shoulder.

"I will be back, baby." Lee said as he slid out of the king bed.

I kept in my place. Sleep was too important at the moment. I was the tiniest awake and listened to Lee's slow footsteps. I heard him come to a halt. The halt was followed with a run back to the bed. His presence woke me up more. I sat up in the bed. His eyes met my eyes as he opened the bedside table drawer. When he had the shotgun in his hand, he came closer to me in the bed. I could now see his expression. It was worried and struggling to be brave.

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