Chapter Seventeen-

It was about 4am and I still couldnt get to sleep. I just decided to get up and do my normal routine. I get dressed and go outside, rode Sparky, fed and groomed her then went back inside around 7:30am. My mom and brother were still sleeping so I made a bowl of cereal for myself since I didnt know how long they would be asleep for.

I sat at the dining room table by myself silently listening to the radio and eating my breakfast. Once I was done, I cleaned my bowl and spoon and put them where they belong.

About 10 minutes later, I found myself staring into space. I sighed and got up, turned the radio off then went outside to find Ty, Nikki, and Nicole.

When I saw them by their little dog houses, I immediately pictured my dad wrestling with Ty, and smiled at the memory.

I remember the day that we got Ally. Jay was scared of her at first. But he ended up loving her the day after. Ally was their mom. She passed away a few weeks after having her puppies.

"Nikki!" I smiled, trusting my voice not to break.

Nikki ran over and tackled me to the ground. She licked my face, causing me to laugh. Soon Ty and Nicole ran over too and did the same thing. We were rolling all over the ground, a lot like my dad and Ty used to do.

"I missed playin' with you guys," I say quietly, after I got a chance to sit up.

Nikki gave me one more lick on the face and I smiled. Nikki was always the sweet one. Nicole is a nice girl too but she is also rambunctious. And Ty is just plain crazy.

It felt great to play with the little pups again.

I heard my mom call my name to come inside and I stood up and said goodbye to my dogs and obeyed my mom.


"Yeah!! Go! Go! Go! Yes! And..."

"TOUCHDOWN!!" Jay and I yell at the same time jumping up from our spots on the couch.

Right now we were watching the football game on TV in the living room waiting for dinner.

We high-fived each other and sat back down.

It was now the beginning of September and school starts in two weeks. Yay. At least Im gonna be a senior and its my last year in school so that's exciting!

"Carter! Jay! Dinner is ready!" my mom calls from the kitchen.

It was almost 9:00pm by the time we all finished dinner.

I helped mom wash the dirty dishes while Jay took a shower then we switched positions.

Once I got out of the shower, and got dressed into fluffy pajama pants and a sweatshirt.

I went to my room and started to play guitar trying to learn A-Team by Ed Sheeran.


"Carter, do you want to have a fire tonight?" Jay asks, sticking his head in my door way.

"Sure!" I smile.

"Alright. Mom said that when youre dressed warm, to come help me bring the s'more stuff outside while she starts the fire."

"Okay, I'll be there in a minute."

"Kay," Jay says going back to the kitchen.

I put my guitar down and put on my black ugg boots and went to the kitchen.



-Jen ( Bandfreak11)

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