Wedding Plans

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Ali's POV

As I get the living room picked up from Niall and I last night I hear someone knock on the door.

I run over to get it and I see that the boys are there and Little Mix my band is there.

"Hey! Whats up Ali?" Perrie asks

I smile and reply with "Good. But I'm stressed out about Niall and I's wedding!"

Harry, Louis, Zayn and Liam smile and say

"We all are here to help you with that!"

I smile. "Thank you but we haven't figured out a date for the wedding!"

"Yes, Niall has!" Jesy says

"What date?" I ask

"September 13, 2012." Harry replies smiling.

"That's in a couple of months!" I say

"Yep! that's why we are here to help you with the wedding plans!" Perrie says.

"Ok well let me get my keys! I say and Perrie nods

After I get my keys and my shoes on the girls pile into my Blue Shelby Mustang and we head to Marleen's Wedding Dress studio. She is one of my best friends.

"Hey!!! I'm so happy your getting married! Your getting married to the Niall Horan!!" Marleen says hugging me.

"Thank you so much! Where's Carey?" I ask looking around

Carey comes out smiling

"There's my baby girl! She's grown up so much! Stop growing up! You look beautiful Lillie!"

"Thank you so much!!"

Lillie is my official nickname for Marleen and Carey because I used to come into the store when I was little with lilies and wild flowers. Marleen could never remember Allison so she started calling me Lillie.

"Shall we go look at wedding dresses?" Marleen asks.

We nod and she leads us up the stairs to the most expensive and elaborate dresses.

"Why are we up here in the most expensive dresses?"

"Because your fiancé called a little while before you got here and said he would pay for the dress. He also said to pick out the most expensive dress and your friends here would pitch in to help pay it."

"Thank you guys so much!!!!"

"Your welcome!" They all say at the same time.

Perrie, Jesy, Jade, and Leigh-Anne come with me to pick out the dress that looks beautiful on me and is really expensive. We look around for 20 minutes and I finally find a dress I like.

"Girls come here!!" I scream

They come and look at the dress I'm holding. It is tight all the way until you get to the waist and then it flows out. The design is free handed and it is covered in sparkling diamonds. The high heels that go with it are white and have the same design as the dress.

"O my god this dress is beautiful! Do you think this one with fit you?"

Perrie asks

I nod and go to try it on.

"It fits perfectly!" Marleen says after I got it on.

"Are you going to pay for it now?" Carey asks


She rings up the dress and gives me 50% off which rings up to $3,690.

I pay for it all because I have the money and put it in the car.

"I hope Niall doesn't see the dresses." I say

We all laugh and drive to Nando's for lunch.

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