Chapter 10

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This is an unedited version. Sorry my laptop isn't working so I had to upload on my iPad.

Chapter 10

Brogan and I quickly changed into our pajamas and met back up in the entertainment room. We decided to watch a movie before bed.

"Action? Or Comedy?" Brogan asked, scanning through the collection of movies on demand.

I set down the popcorn, and grabbed two blankets. I placed one down by Brogan before wrapping one around myself.

"I was actually thinking the Notebook." I declared, trying to hide my smile.

Brogan turned to face me with a bewildered look on his face.

"Really?" He asked trying to hide his disappointment. "Are you sure?"

He looked so torn that I couldn't keep it in any longer. "I just wanted to see your reaction." I said between laughs. " I'm up for either comedy or action, you choose."

Brogan rose his brows, "You are a little devil you know that?"

I simply smirked at him and swung some popcorn into my mouth.

Brogan choose a movie and grabbed the blanket next to him to bundle up. He moved a little closer to me so he could reach the popcorn better.

I felt my head resting on his shoulder before I even opened my eyes. Slowly I picked my head off of his shoulder and straightened up. The entertainment room too eerily quiet. I glanced up at the digital clock that read 8:24 am.

Beside me, Brogan was fast asleep. His hair fell over his forehead and his shoulder where I had been resting was exposed of the blanket. He looked so peaceful in his sleep that I felt like it would be a shame to wake him up. So I rose slowly being careful not to disturb him. Once I was firmly on my feet I grabbed the blanket and placed it gently over his body before tiptoeing out of the room.

I promised Scott I would go riding with him so I hurried upstairs to take a quick shower and slipped on some riding clothes. I put my wet hair into a fish-tail braid and headed to the stables.

I was glad to see Scott perched up against the large door on the other end.

"I thought you might have forgotten." He smiled with a blush.

"Sorry, I woke up a little later than I wanted to." I admitted sheepishly.

"It's okay, I just got done checking on all the horses. Sammy down there has been a little under the weather so the vet is going to come by in two hours." Scott walked to where my riding boots were and brought them over to me.

I turned towards Sammy, and was glad to see that he was still standing. Sammy was one of the newer horses that my father got while I was away. He was a lot younger than most of the other ones.

"What's wrong with him?" I asked as I slipped on my boots.

Scott looked down at me and shrugged his shoulder, "I'm not sure, but he isn't eating well, and for his age he should be full of energy but he just rests against the side of the stall."

I frowned at that and slowly got up.

"I'm sure he'll be alright. Colby is going to be hear any minute to look after him." Scott reassured me.

I smiled at him and started towards Loretta. Scott had already prepared her for riding. I thanked him before getting on.

We rode through the field and headed towards the large lake. It was so peaceful to be riding so fast and feeling the wind swirl around me. Being in a horse always resembled freedom to me. I felt like all my problems disappeared into the wind around me.

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