Meeting my mate

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Michael's Pov:

I wake up and go down to see pack mushing their mouthes with food. I'm different. I eat like a lady (for some reason) and the pack doesn't EVER realize that. I eat like the lady when their not looking but when they are looking,I mush food in my mouth (which I freakin hate so much!!!) I come down to see the table like literally full. It has eggs,sausages,a plate of fruits and veggies,hot dogs,steaks,Mac and cheese,sesame chicken,Chinese noodles,and fries. Wow! They must be hungry!!!the door bell rings and I get it. It's the packs mate. Every SINGLE ONE!! I start to worry about not having a mate when I look at the girls. Gosh, I'm freakin dyeing for 1. I let them in and 3 seconds later everyone's at the table mushing food in those heh ( REALLY wide and hungry) mouthes. All I take is steak,fries, a hot dog,sausages,and eggs. When I'm done, I get up and hear someone running. I can tell by the scent that that's a girl and she's definetly my mate. But that tone of running has four sounds... Wait I sense a... Boy too!!! It sounds like my mate is getting attacked!!! I quickly go to a window to see a WAY beautiful girl getting chased by a boy and her eyes are full of tears!! My wolfs name Mike and what he said is the same exact thing I wanted to say. Mike said: I wanna kill that boy if he's making her cry...... And that is when I see my mate getting tumbled!.. oh wait, boy was she muscular. she punched his face and ran really crazy but in a flexible way.

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