Too many lies

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THis is a story about a girl named nicole Johnson. She has a constant lieing problem she can't seem to tell the truth even when she thinks she is. Let me get yall all cought up on the story. Deamon is her ex-bf , which think she is 19. Tod which is her curent bf/real baby dad knows her real age and that she is 16. Now that yall cought up lets get started.

Nicole is playing on her iphone 4s going thru the app market to find a new app. She comes across this new app called kik. She looked thru the prew. she downloaded it. quickly filled in her info. afterwards she see's Deamon picture on one of the new contact . she sent him a message happily to see his name.  they went on taking for a bit then her asked her if she wanted to chill with him.then he said in the message awww nope i dont want you to get pregnant again. she text back yea by you , knowing she was telling a lie but she just wanted to she how far she could take it. he texted back are u sure i thought u said it wasn't me . she sent back i know what i said i just wanted to come clean . she sent him a couple pictures of thier supposed love child. they kept sending messages back and forth then they decided to meet up that night . But there was only one problem her cousin was there with her. So she had to convince her to come with her. she told her cousin that she had a supprise for her, but they had to wait for a ride to pick them up . After 20 minutes the ride had came the got in . nicole talking to her cousin the hold way keeping her interested . when they got there they started walking down until they saw Deamon and his brother . nicole quickly turn to her cousin and got her cought up to what was goin on her cousin was made but went along with it. they all started walking down. and got to the house.

hey guys this is my first story so give me feed back and tell me know am doing and if i should keep going

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