Chapter 7- cafe

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Joe's POV
I restrap sleeping Lexi to my chest and strap the boys into their pushchair. We all walk out of the park.
I push Freddie and Mason, Zoe holds Olivia's hand and Carries Jacob, and Alfie was pushing Noah.
"Zoe, I need to take a call. Will you push the boys to the cafe. Olivia can stay here with me. I'll be 5-10 minutes, please."
"Yeah, give the pram here." Zoe replied, taking the pushchair out of my hands.
I take Olivia's hand in mine and we cross over the road to a bench. I sit down, Lexi stirrs on my chest but then fall back asleep. I lift Olivia on to the bench next to me.
I grab my phone out of my pocket and scroll through my contacts.
I click her name.
"Hey Nimbobs."
"Hello Joseph."
"I told you I would phone tomorrow, and so I am." I chuckled.
"Well thank you Mr Sugg. What ya phoning for really Joe?" She laughed down the phone.
"I wanted to know whether you wanted to take the kids out somewhere tomorrow? Olivia is going to school for the first time since Ellie passed away, so sadly she won't be joining us. What do you say?"
"I'd love too. What do I have to bring"
"Just bring your beautiful self. See you tomorrow Niomi."
"See ya, Sugg." She said giggling
We hung up. I jumped up off the bench, being careful not to knock sleeping Lexi. I told Olivia to climb in the bench and jump on my back. I piggybacked her to the cafe, where the boys were sat with chocolate milkshakes and chocolate cake.
We entered the cafe. I placed ogives in the chair and sat opposite her.
I unstrapped Lexi from my chest and laid her in my arms.
Zoe ordered Olivia a Chocolate milkshake with a chocolate cake and me a hot chocolate.
We sat and drank our chocolatey drinks and the kids ate their cake.
Lexi began to cry.
"Hey , come on princess don't cry. Ssshhh." I began to rock her in my arms until she stopped. Alfie went and got a bottle out of her changing bag, on the back of the pushchair.
I fed her and then stood her up on my knees, holding her hands to keep balanced.
"You look just like your mummy, you don't know that. Do you? She was amazing and she loved you so much." I kissed the top of her head and tickled her tummy. I lifted her above my head and threw her in the air before catching her. She screamed with delight. I brought her back into my arms, cuddling her close to my chest.

"Joe. You ready to go?" Zoe asked politely
"Yep, let me just put Lexi's coat in and strap back to my chest." I did just that putting Lexi in her tiny parka coat and placing her in the black and grey baby harness on my chest.
Freddie and Mason were already strapped into their pushchair. I pushed it out the door.
We walked home, I unlocked the door and pushed the buggy inside. Zoe, Alfie, Noah, Olivia and Jacob followed.
I unstrapped the boys and put a film on the tv, the kids all sat down and watched the movie.
I ran upstairs with Lexi still strapped to my chest. I walked into my room and undid Lexi, I changed her into a white and pink starry babygrow and placed her on the bed, between the cushions. I ran into Mason and Freddie's room and got them both some matching white and black spotty onesies out. I got Olivia her pink and white spotty onesie as well.
I walked back into my bedroom and picked up Lexi, I carried her downstairs with the onesies.
I got the kids dressed for bed, we all sat and watched tv. Lexi fell asleep on my chest, Olivia fell asleep in my arms, Mason and Freddie asleep on the rug.
"Alfie, will you help me carry the kids to bed?" I said looking at him. He was sat at the table editing a video, I've quit YouTube for a while.
He go up and walked over to the the boys on the floor. He picked them up and carried them upstairs. I picked up Olivia and Lexi and carried them into my room.
I tucked Olivia in my bed and Lexi into her cot. I walked down the hallway to Mason and Freddie's room. Alfie had put them in bed and was hovering by the door. I walked over to them
"Night boys, Sleep well." I kissed both their heads and walked out, Alfie followed.
"Night Alf. I'm going to bed now. See you in the morning."  I said sleepily to Alfie
"Night bro." He walked off to the spare room.
I went back into my bedroom, Lexi  was crying. I got her out of her cot and brought her into the bed. I tucked her in the bed next to me and Olivia, she fell asleep her head resting in my arm. Olivia then fell asleep, I was left alone with my thoughts.

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