Chapter 30

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⭐Ariana/Nichole Point Of View⭐

*{Three Year Later}*

"I'll be back sweetheart, mommy has to go to work, okay?" I asked my two and a half year old daughter, Britney.

"Okay mommy" She said back to me. I leaned down and gave her a small kiss on the cheek to receive a giggle from her. Britney might be two and a half but she began speaking around one and half year old. Its really impressive how she learns fast.

"Promise mommy you'll be good and not cause any trouble to aunt Karen" my moms sister. I know she's not her aunt but she has grown up calling her aunt, and she is perfectly fine with that.

"I prowmise mommy" Britney giggle.

"Alright baby I'll be back later" Brit nodded and ran back to the living room to play with her little Barbie dolls. I laughed and walked towards my aunt.

"Thanks again for taking care of her"

"Sweetie I have been taking care of you for three years and I adore taking care of baby Brit" my aunt Karen smiled.

"Thanks again, well I should get going. If I'm late again Victoria will flip" My aunt laughs and nods as I made my way to my car and then to the studio.

Three Years

Three Years

That's how long it's been since I last saw Zayn, since I left Zayn.

As soon as I got on the plane, three years ago, I bursted out crying. I didn't know it was going to be as hard as it felt. I remember that as soon as I got off the plain, I called my aunt and she was more then happy to pick me up. The good thing was that she only lived like fifteen minutes away so I didn't wait long.

As soon as I told Karen what happened with my parents she bursted out crying. Then I told her what happened to me and she cried even more but she offered to help me with the baby.

Britney is the most beautiful baby girl I have ever seen. Sure she is the product of a violation but I promised to not look at her like that but to look at her as my wonderful baby girl. She has beautiful straight black hair with big brown eyes that make her look more adorable. To top it of her eyelashes are bigger then mine! She has big angel eyes, that I you look into them, you could never say No!

Even though Britney is a premature baby, she is perfect in every way. She was released a week after giving birth to her on May 24, also known as the day Zayn and I began to date, anyways they released her faster then any premature baby because she was doing absolutely perfect. Her health was perfect and after a month her health was as if she was never a premature baby.

During he seven and a half months, I stayed inside most of the time but as soon as Brit was born, I dyed my hair blond and got some blue contacts. Nobody has recognized me except for a couple of one direction fans. Some asked on why I left Zayn, they said we were perfect together and honestly, we were. If only that night would of never happened, I probably wouldn't have left.

That night that will probably hunt me for the rest of my life, till I die but It brought me something beautiful. Something, more like someone, that makes me work hard everyday and makes me want to be someone worth looking up to when she's older.

Well as soon as Britney turned old enough to fly, around five months, Carlos, Karen's husband, got offered a really good job here in California so he took it and we all moved to Cali.

When I turned 20 he asked what I wanted for my birthday and as a joke I said I wanted to change my name to Ariana Grande. A month later he came with the paper work that said my name has officially been changed o Ariana Grande. I was shocked at first but than I thank him and said to myself that I have officially began a new life.

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