Beautiful Disaster (Zayn Malik)

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Her feet slide across the tile floor, sending her body into the wall. She swiftly scambles to her feet running once again to my body. Her hands wrap around my neck as her lips connect to mine. The way we move in sync is like nothing I've ever known before. I know she loves me, she has to. My hands trail around her body as her legs twists around my waist.

I move her back to the wall, hands taking in every inch of her. She still hasn't broken the kiss and I'm not complaining. How can a girl so wonderful, so innocent, so perfect be in love with a disaster like me?

I guess in a way we are both broken, both shattered from the hurt we once had. Knowing only being together can ease the pain we once felt. Only she can make me forget all the wrong in this world. Only she can make me the man I want to be.

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