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Graces P.O.V

I quickly sneaked out of the house running for my life. I looked back,nobody was following me but as soon as I turned around I crashed into a body. Praying it wasn't Jake or his people I kept my eyes shut.

"Hey are you okay?"


"Grace? What are you doing out so late??" Oops.

"I..well you see..my cat just..and I came to..but I didn't.."Really Grace a cat??Idiot.

"Um ok?" He looked so confused but I couldn't blame him I was even confused.

"I ran away." I whispered


"A dude" A dude who was Jake.

"Really Grace a dude??Great explanation" I just stood there not knowing what to say. He gently grabbed my wrist and pulled me along.

"C'mon you can come with me"

"You're not going to take me to the woods and rape me then cut me into pieces to feed your dog right?" He chuckled while shaking his head.

He drives for around 20 minutes and we got out.

"Omg Niall you are going to rape me then kill me!"

"Grace no." Well I mean that always happens you never know. He knocked on the door and soon a brown haired popped out.

"Hey Ni- who's the girl?" He said pointing at me,I was the only girl there anyways.

"Friend she's going to stay for a bit ok?" Yay I have a hot friend.

"I'm Louis by the way since Niall here won't do the honors"

"Grace" I slightly smiled. Louis lead the way into the couch with 3 more boys.

"Harry" He announced pointing at the guy with a butterfly tattoo on his chest,I don't understand why he would have a butterfly tattoo but whatever. He was smoking, he had emerald green eyes and his shirt was unbuttoned so you saw his chest,he was in some black skinny jeans.

"Liam" He said nodding his head towards him. Holy shit he looked like David Beckham. I swear. His chocolate brown eyes really stood out. His facial hair was really appealing,and I'm usually not attracted to it. He was in a leather jacket with black skinny jeans. What's up with black skinny jeans.

"Last but not least Zayn" Oh no. The memory of the lunch accident went through my head. But sweet Lord Jesus HE was so yummy. I turned away to do my 'HOLY SHIT HE'S SO SEXY' faces so nobody would see and turned back around. He was wearing a white tank top oh and some BLACK skinny jeans damn. He tapped his cigarette on the table next to him letting the ashes fall as he let a puff out.

"This is Grace" Everyone greeted ME except Zayn. Ouch.

"Niall can I have a word with you now." Zayn seemed angry,was it MY fault?If he's still mad over the salad incident he needs to grow up.

"I'll be right back" Niall smiled as he left.

"C'mon Grace sit on the couch we're watching 'I am number four' "I love this movie yayy

I plopped down the couch and stared at the screen. After 5 minutes there was yelling.

"WHY DID YOU BRING HER HERE ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND????" I felt really bad and unwanted I got up and sprinted to the door and ran.

Sorry I didn't update till weeks oops haha I was just really busy but hey New chapter & I'm still going to upload 1 or 2 more keep reading & vote!(: W-

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