"For the love of god Nathan lay down." Heidi said. Yesterday was the worse day. Louis had snapped on Heidi and I. Heidi was heart broken when Louis said that he does want to. The way he punch me. To be honest it hurt so much. I have a really big bruise on my side and when you touch it, well it does hurt. I couldn't move at all because Heidi would get really mad. I don't.know why so don't ask but I understand right now that she need me to be by her side. The way Louis became harsh on her. It hurt me to see her like that. She needs a break from all of this and I know where. She needs to see her family and clear her mind out of everything. Snapping to reality, I tilt my head a little, cup Heidi's face, and lean up and kiss her on the lips. She right away kiss me smiling into the kiss. She pull away right away and playfully hit my shoulder giggling. "Your lucky your cute." She smirk and I smirk back at here. I slowly lean up to here and kiss her.  I pull away and smile to her.

"Love you Brownie." She giggle again and peck my lips. 

"I love you too, Nathy." She wink. I started to laugh. God this girl loves to call me that. Like no joking.  

"Can't you pick a better name."  

"Nope." she said popping the 'p'. "I love that name for you. You sometimes act like a little girl like Stella." 

"Oh thats not far at all." 

"Life is not far babe. Simple as that." she giggle again and then kiss me. I love kissing her. If it's risking to let her go and let her be happy with louis then i would do it. "You want to go out today. The twins are going to be with Tom,  Max,  and Jay for two days so we could have some alone time together, if it's ok with you." she ask nervously bitting her lower lip. A smile came on my lip.  

"Of course baby, anything for you. When should we go. Actually babe, we should go to your home town early." I told her.  

"You sure? Your not busy or anything?" She ask and i nod. "Ok but i still think we should go on sunday then not right away cause i think Stella is not feeling well and i don't want to leave her here without her parents here to take care of her."  

"I know what you mean. Ok we will go on sunday afternoon."  

"Ok." She straddle and lean to kiss me. "Lets go out yeah?" She said pouting. I can't resist her pout. It's so cute when she do it. Now I know where Stella gets it from. 

"Ok, we will go and I know where and it's a good place and it's perfectly private." I told her. 

"Ok, lets go!" we got ready and head out to the car. This will be a good two days vacation.     


Sorry it's short. It's basically how I thought in my head.Keep this chapter in mind cause I kinda give u a hint what Nathan's going to do in chapter thirty something.  Next chapter will be up in a lil.  --- Heidi ♡♥♡♥

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