Chapter 17

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Kevin P.O.V

When Amiyah called me and told me about my supposedly seed, it kind of broke my heart. Just the thought of raising a child excited me on the low, honestly. I think Ski notice something was wrong with me when I got off of her because she was looking at me like i was crazy.

"Whats wrong with yu ?" she asked with a worried look.

"Amiyah, she lost the baby"

"She what ?" she asked with a confused look. "No she didn't because... nevermind"

"Naw finish what yu was going to say"

"Nothing Kevin. Im sorry to hear that"

I knew she was lying because she didn't look me in my eyes not once. These broads got some explaining to do and I mean now. I felt like killing somebody because I hate when people play mind games with me.




"Man what ?!" I shouted back. Right now, I wasn't in no state to talk I wanted to slap somebody. Ski almost got it but I had to remember who her boyfriend was.

"Yu know Ace peeped we got something going on" she said with a attitude.

"So what that mean ?" I asked trying to sound hard but I was a nervous wreck in the inside.

"That mean we need to stop having sex and stay away from each other or me and yu going to be in a puddle of blood"

"How yu know he know though ?"

"Because he asked me dumb ass!"

We heard a knock on the door but we ignored it until we heard keys opening the door and loud footsteps. "Oh shit that's Ace, go under my bed now" she whispered. I hurried up and got under the bed, I heard her leave out the room and Ace screaming. "Damn, not right now lord" I thought.

Ski P.O.V

"Where the fuck he at Ski ?!" Ace voiced boomed through out the house.

"Who Ace ?"

"Kevin ! Yu know who the fuck I'm talking about. That's the only nigga I know with that all black Impala."

"What the fuck are yu talking about ? That's my cousin car jack ass !"

"Bitch yu a damn lie, get the fuck out my way !" he said while mushing me.

I watched him roam around the house angrily. I was praying to god he didn't go in my room. He checked the bathroom, kitchen and guest room. He finally made it to my room, and as soon as he opened the door, Killa came running in the house.

"Ay bra, we gotta go !" Killa screamed sounding like he was out of breath.

"What happened" Ace and I asked simultaneously.

"We gotta go to the trap !"

"Alright lets go ! Ima deal with yo ass later" he said while brushing past me. I sighed a sigh of relief while they walked out the house. I closed and locked the front door and watched from the living room window as they drove off. I ran into the room and I seen Kevin on the bed looking like he seen a ghost.

"Whats wrong with yu ?" I asked.

"I was seconds away from losing my life because of yo ass. I wish I never met yu !"

"Well guess what ? I hate yo ass too now get yo scary ass out my damn house !" I shot back.

Honestly, I'm not even mad, its about time I left his messy ass alone.

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