'There were two Prince Charmings at our school. Boths' parents have a stunning lack of creativity.'

Welcome to McKingley Academy, where royalty thrives, and the rest of us hide. That's Ella's moto at least, and the only thing she's hoping for is to make it out of high school alive.

Meet Ella, her dad was tragically taken away from her, and her mother as well. Leaving her only with a wicked stepmother, and bratty stepsisters. The only thing she wants to do is leave. Ella isn't used to the attention, she's used to scraping by, going under the radar. And that's all about to change.

Meet Prince, heir to the biggest thrown across the nation. Adults respect him, girls throw themselves at him, and guys want to be him. But he doesn't need all of the constant love unlike his best friends. So what happens when the only girl he wants keeps finding ways to get away?

Suddenly life doesn't seem as easy as bippity boppity boo!

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