"Please just shut up." I tell my brother. We're going on a road trip to California and he just will not stop making noises. "Paige be nice to your brother." My mom says to me even though I did NOTHING. Gosh I hate being the oldest.
Well I guess I should introduce myself my name is Paige I and I'm 16 and you know what the sad thing is? I've never had a boyfriend. I know, depressing. Any ways I was trying to read my favorite book 'A Fault In Our Stars"
"What would you think on moving to California if we like it here?" My mom anxiously asks. "Yeah I'd be fine with that, I hate everyone in our town anyways." I say still focused on my book. Then I start to drift off and fall asleep.
"Wake up we're here!" I wake up to see a little motel that we're going to be living in for a while. After we got everything in our rooms, I get my own room because I hate sharing, I ask to go explore around the city. "Fine but just don't get lost." She said as I was walking out the door.
Walking down the streets of LA wondering what good places there were to hang out by myself. I was pulling my 'too big for me' high waisted shorts up and tucked my huge skull t-shirt then I tightened my black high top converse, listening to some music with my headphones while looking on my phone. Then all of a sudden I bump into someone. "Oh I'm so sorry!" I say, then I look up into those dreamy brown eyes. "Oh it's ok. Hey I'm Evan." He says smiling at me, showing his amazingly insane dimples. I also have dimples but not as big and adorable as his. " oh hey, I'm Paige." I smile. "Nice to meet you." He laughs. "You too. Well see ya later." I say and start to walk away, but he follows me. " Umm, are you following me?" I ask a little creeped out. "Haha I'm not I have a thing over this way." He laughs. "Oh ha, okay." I say walking a different direction.

I see a Starbucks and head in. Guess who's there? Evan. " haha now who's following who?" He laughs as he gets his order. I smirk at him and order my drink. "Paige!" The worker yells for me to get my drink. I grab it then sit down on the couch and check my twitter, Instagram and other stuff. Evan sits next to me and I scoot closer to the arm of the couch. And he coots closer. I look up and I make it look like I'm uncomfortable but I'm not at all. "Hey" he smiles. "Hi" I say a tiny bit annoyed but whatever. "Do you wanna hang out sometime?" "What are we doing right now?" I sass. I'm sort of really sassy and I don't know why but its just me. "Haha I love how sassy you are." I smile at that comment and he laughs. "Sure we can sometime i guess." "Ok, can I have your number than?" I take his phone and put my number and name in. "Well I better get going. See ya." I stand up and start walking away. " I'll text you!" He says as I leave the door.

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