Chapter 4

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Princess Selene prov


A scream went off in the distance, Serena's face went into shock. No doubt Delia was probably trying to fight Martha again and lost. Either way I can't let these two know, so I sent them home.

I breath in and out, then pull my hair into a pony tale although it still reached my butt. I brush the dust of my uniform and head out to where I think the scream came from. I was right... Kinda, instead of Martha winning she lost and was past out and Delia had won. It makes since now, it wasn't a scream of terrier it was a scream of joy. What trouble makers.

Even though I am happy for Delia anger still boils in my blood. I clap with a smile on my face. " congrats on finally winning but you scared my guests so I had to send them back home. Also clean up this mess and dinner will be ready in hour... And don't forget to draw on her face." I say while winking.
I left the room and transformed back into my dress. Today would be a very long day.

It had been a long time since I had last seen Serenity, she had grown so much In the past century... It's hard to believe that she was reborn and brought here to earth. She seemed happy yesterday but how long will that last? I won't burden myself with such a question.

I leap of the throne, both Martha and Delia starred at me. "Where are you going?" Asked Delia, but i did say anything... She looked to much like her mother Helen, shoulder length raven hair and green eyes. She was very slim, it looked as if someone could snap Her in half but she is the second strongest worrier the moon has ever had.

But I finally found my voice. "I Shall be going to earth to protected it."

She shook her head in fright." But you can't! It's to dangerous!"

"That's enough!" I was furious, how dare she question me!

She now looked scared... And of me... Martha just glared at me "why can't the sailor scouts of earth protected it?"

I was growing tired of this. "Because, Martha they have no idea what's in store for them. They might die if I don't help and I won't have that."

I escaped to my chamber. It was lovely, an aqua blue on the walls and a black bed spread that covered my king sized bed. I'd be travelling in five hours and preparation had to be made.

Step one: make clone

Step 2: lock everything up with magic and key.

Step 3: absorb the heart crystal to insure its safety.

Step 4: creat a portal

Step 5: close portal

I made a double of myself like all queens did when trouble was a foot, just in case I was needed here for any reason. The clone would talk act and feel the same way I do. This clone is me we even share the same memory's the only difference is I have a birthmark of the crescent moon on my left hip and she doesn't. Her body exists invade no e gets destroyed. That way I won't actually die.

I hide the clone in the bathroom. She is dead inside, her brain won't start to work until I leave the moon. Unlike me she is plane and dull. she has no colour in her face, not on her lips or even on her cheeks, only on her eyes is there colour. It's time for make up, I twiddle a few fingers deciding what to do then finally gain an idea. She will have smokey eyes with a bright red lip.

She looks amazing! Now onto business, finishing the rest of the list. 1... 2... 3... Breath. "I call upon the heart crystal! Come forth from earth and answer my prayer!" A reach my hands to the sky, standing tall. A bright shimmery light erupts from the air just above my fingers that are ready to catch it.

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