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"Me ------ Skylar

My life is a traject fairytale

fell in love with a boy thought I was living the dream

but really all he want all he wanted

was to know that he had a girl he never really wanted me

oh babe if I lose myself tonight I'm a goner

I ain't coming back from the dead

if I lose myself to night I'm not coming back

this is me

cause you know all I am is me

I ain't gonna change for you or any one

cause baby this is me I ain't changes for you

oh what a tragedy I live

cutting my arms crying myself to sleep

cause baby I fell in love with a boy who's all I was looking for

its like I got a paper cut

I felt pain but now I don't fell anything anymore

this is me you can't change that

Your smile makes my knees go weak

your voice is so beautiful and wonderful

god made you adorable

except the way you broke my heart

whoa whoa whoa baby you made my life a tragedy

now I'm gonna do the same to you

I can ignore your calls

forget to text you back

just forget about you like you forgot about me

I cut my arms to feel free to be who I am

each cut has its own meaning

its like a virus it keeps on going until your dead

then it goes on like the wind

baby what you don't understand is that I love you your the one for

but not anymore cause your with her.

goodbye maybe for today it maybe forever I'm sorry

" I sang into the camera crying and I grabbed ibuprofen and counted 10  and swallowed them and after a minute I was blacking out and the YouTube video was up.

1 hour later

"Bea wanna look up fun cat videos on YouTube" Niall asked Blar

"Yeah sure babe why not." she say

and she went to get a drink of water and Niall got on YouTube and looked through the top videos and saw Goodbye for now or forever and it had me on the screen he clicked on it and it was a video of me spilling out a song I wrote about three days ago and then he got to the end and Blar was next to him it showed me grabbing my pills and swallowing them and saying " goodbye maybe for today it maybe forever I'm sorry."

"NO NO NO." Niall said really loud

"What that dumb ass little cunt is trying to kill herself?" my bitchy sister said.

"What did you say! about that gorgeous lady... you know what go get out of here go." he yelled

"What ever I hope she's dead" the little prick said

he gets into his car and goes to my house and opens the door and runs in up the stairs as fast as he can and see a body laying on the floor and he sees if I'm breathing I am he is released and puts me in the bed and lays down next to me singing

" I figured it out oh baby I figured it out I love you baby I do I love you your hair your eyes mouth smile everything about you your a beautiful person that I will always love." he sang 11:30 I wake up and feel my head throbbing and a body next to me and I freak out and fall off and get up and realize its just Niall and he opens his eyes his beautiful blue eyes and sees me any ugly whore.

" Skylar Skylar your your awake thank the lord Skylar I love you and I always will" he blabbered on and on I kissed him on the lips and we had made out after 5 minutes we stop

"I love you to Niall" I said

"Will you be my Princess?" he said

"Yes but will you be my Prince?"

"Yeah babe I will " and we smashed our faces together

" I gotta get dressed and go on twitter." I said

and logged in and press the button to make a tweet I did and it said Hey guys you saw my video I'm alive thanks to @Niallhoranofficall

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