Chapter 14

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(Tami P.O.V)

We were now on our way home so us girls can plan this all out. Essence gave us the floor plan so we would know how to get in. Its a really big jail house, the floor plan looked like a fucking maze. I wasn't good with mazes they just so damn confusing, having to start at one end trying to find your way out to an other da faq. I was brought back to reality when the car halted to a stop making my face hit the seat in front of me. Everyone bursted into fits of laughter causing me to sink down in my seat. After about 5 minutes we got home, well actually Gabby's house we've been staying there for a couple days now. Due to everything thats been happening, what a good way to start off summer break. We all made our way up stairs to one of the rooms in Gabby's house. I was assuming it was a dance studio type of room. There were mirrors from the floor to the celling going around the room. Speakers in every corner, along with some beams on the walls for stretching.

"Damn gabby how come we haven't been in this room." I asked sitting on the floor and getting comfy.

"Idunno you never asked to come up here." she said as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.

"Wow ok, are there any other rooms i don't know about?" I asked out of curiosity.

"Not that you need to know of, cuz once you find out you'll mind as well just move in." she said laying out the floor plan in front of us. She grabbed a remote and put on Jupiter love by trey songz.

"No music we need to focus" Anabelle said taking the remote and turing off the music."your right lets get this done already i miss maya and essence" gabby said pouting. "We'll see them when we bust them out" i said patting her back. We started looking at the floor plan.

"Ok Tami, your gonna be the first to go in. Your gonna see if any guards are there, if the coast is clear, you'll shine a flash light on the ceiling,when we see that were all going to run quietly.

"Wait why do i have to go first?"

"Because your sneaky" Sho said in a duh tone.

"Ok so after that we would find a air vent and climb in and make our way towards their cell. After that were gonna jump out so that we'll be in their cell. Then i have some tools and stu-" Anabelle cut her off saying

"When we jump down, wont other people see us?" she had a point.

"No cuz they gon have a sheet covering that part."

"Oh ight"

"Like i was saying before someone interrupted me. Yea so after we jump down, we get them and we climb out through a hole in the wall. Yes its big enough for us to go threw. After we crawl out we will be in the clinic, theres a window that we will climb out of. Theres one problem doe. ..... Theres a big wall preventing us from leaving." She explained.

"Ok um we could climb over it." I suggested

"The walls like 20, 30 feet tall. It wouldn't be easy to climb it."

"Aw shit, wait cant we use a rope with that whats it called the little metal shit, like when you shoot it then the hook attaches to the wall and we climb the wall with that." sho said

"Yea thats good, so after we climb the wall and get down tiffany would get us and bring us to my place. Then we out to L.A for a new start." gabby said.

"Damn you really did plan this out." anabelle said

"Yea" she said with a smile. "so we need plane tickets for the ...... 11 of us." my mouth hung open when she said that '11' .

"11 of us ?!?! Who us 11?" sho said taking the words out my mouth.

"Me, you, Tami, Anabelle, Maya, Essence, Drew, Keaton, Princeton ,Travis, Tiffany, and Nathan."

"Wait thats 12"

"Oh right the 12 of us" she said getting up. "oh and start packing for our new start. We'll bust them out in 2 days alright." Gabby said leaving the room, leaving us all shocked. I hope this works out.



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