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Remus pushed the door of his godson's bedroom open quietly and tiptoed over to the bed which his godson was curled up on, sobbing into his pillow.

He sat on the bed and gently lay a hand on Harry's back, Harry jumped but made no attempt to move. Encouraged, Remus began to rub soothing circles into the tiny back.

Slowly the sobs lessened before completely stopping, Harry pulled himself into sitting position and so Remus took his hand back and lay it on his knee. His soft amber eyes scrutinised the small boy worriedly.

Harry looked up apprehensively to meet his godfather's warm gaze. The second Harry had discovered that his godfather's eyes were honey, showing that he was not angry, he scrambled into the man's lap eagerly. Remus' eyes were even easier to read than his feelings, any colour between honey and amber was his usual colour and meant he was either happy, content, worried or proud. It was his soft colours, they way he looked at things he loved.

It was when his iris was darker than amber that Harry was afraid, it meant the man was cross or frustrated. His eyes had always been honey coloured when looking at Harry but Harry had seen the colour they had gone when looking at the Dursleys and Snape, and even Dumbledore that first time Harry had met him.

"What's up, Harry?" Remus asked softly, shifting slightly so that Harry's head could rest on his chest.

Tears sprang up to Harry's eyes and down his cheeks again.

"You're going to turn into Uncle Vernon." He sobbed.

Shock flowed through Remus' body and he instinctively tightened his grip on the little boy cuddled up to him. "Of course I'm not, Harry." He choked out.

"You are! You are! When you go to work you will go horrible like Uncle Vernon. He was always especially horrible when he came home from work." Harry argued through his tears.

Remus felt his heart sink, this was about him going to work then.

"Harry, your Uncle was just horrible. Going to work had nothing to do with it and it won't change me either. I'll be just the same as always."

"B-b-b-but what if you don't come b-b-back?" Harry buried his wet face into his godfather's top.

"Harry, I will come back. I will always come back."

"But once you start going to work, you won't want me a-a-a-anymore." Harry's voice was muffled from the fabric of Remus' top but with his werewolf hearing Remus easily picked it up.

"Of course I will, Harry. I will always want you. You know that. You mean the world to me... and Sirius too." Remus added quickly before Harry could become worried about his other godfather too.

"And it's all my fault." Harry howled, after a couple of minutes silence which had given Remus false hope that he was calming down.

Remus frowned, his brow furrowed. "What is all your fault? Nothing is your fault."

"You bought clothes an' toys an' books an' food and now you have run out of money and have to work." Harry explained miserably, lifting his head to meet his godfather's eyes.

"Harry, that's not true at all! We have plenty of money, far more than we will either need."

"Then...then...why do you have to work?" Harry asked, his emerald eyes clouded with confusion.

Remus sighed, Sirius had not understood either. They had talked about it last night and Sirius hadn't seen why Remus needed to work as they were not short of money thanks to the Black fortune.

"Well, Harry. It's not that I have to work, it's just that I want to. It's very hard for someone like me to get a job and I haven't had one since before you were born. I miss working, I like to feel useful, Harry. Do you understand that?"

Harry shook his head. "You look after me, that's useful."

"But I love looking after you, Harry. It doesn't feel like work at all." Remus smiled down at his godson who returned it, hesitantly.

"Why is it hard for you to get a job?" Harry asked, leaning his head back onto Remus' chest. His eyes were dry now although tear tracks remained on his little cheeks.

"Some people are prejudiced." Remus sighed.

"What does that mean?" Harry asked curiously, allowing Remus to mop his face with a tissue he had found in his pocket.

"They form opinions on something I can't help."

"That you're a werewolf?" Harry guessed.

Remus nodded. "They think that just because one werewolf wasn't very nice that we are all horrible. The bad press about us doesn't help, some people have never even met a werewolf and yet the believe us to be blood-thirsty beasts."

"You aren't a bit like that." Harry protested.

A light smile graced Remus' features "if only everyone thought so." He said wistfully.

Harry wrapped his arms around his godfather and hugged him tightly.

"So are you okay with me having a job now?" Remus asked hopefully.

There was a long pause, Remus felt more and more nervous as the seconds ticked on, he wanted his godson's approval so much.

"I don't want you to be away all the time." Harry murmured at last.

"I won't be away all the time. Just a few days a week." Remus reassured him.

"I don't want to be left with Jenny."

"You won't be," Remus said, surprised. "You will have Sirius looking after you."

"Sirius will be with his new friend." Harry's eyes filled up again.

"He will stay with you." Remus said firmly, using the pad of his thumb to wipe away the stray tears which had begun to slide down his godson's miserable face.

"Sirius is mad."

Remus frowned, "No, he isn't."

"He is. He choked." Harry insisted.

Remus continued to frown. Choked? Suddenly he realised, the last time Harry had seen Sirius was the night before when Remus had given them the news and Sirius had choked on his dinner. Harry hadn't seen him since then because Sirius had gone on a date with his girlfriend very early that morning, far earlier than Remus had ever seen him get up before and far earlier than the time both he and Harry got up.

"He choked because he put nearly his whole meal into his mouth at once and then tried to speak." Remus explained, smiling slightly at the memory.

"Uncle Vernon used to always choke when he was angry." Harry whispered.

"Sirius is nothing like Uncle Vernon." Remus reassured him. "Now are you okay with me having a job?"

And at last Harry nodded, and smiled. Remus smiled as well and wrapped his arms around the small boy. He still couldn't believe this little clever, sweet, little child was his and Sirius'. James and Lily would have been so proud of him.

"Can we play a game, Remus? Pleeeeeeeeeeeease!" Harry begged, leaping off his godfather's lap and onto the floor where he jumped up and down impatiently.

Remus smiled at his godson and was just about to suggest they played a game of 'Kneazle Run' when the doorbell rang.

"Can I get it? Please!" Harry begged, he had not been allowed to answer the door yet but he thought it would be fun.

"Okay, but I have to be right behind you." Remus said, he had a feeling it would be Sirius, it was about the time he had said he was going to be back and Remus could see his friend's key on the hook, as Remus' mother used to say: Sirius would forget his own head if it wasn't screwed on. Despite how certain he was that it was Sirius, he wanted to be with his godson just in case it wasn't. There was no way he was going to risk losing his godson, not now he had finally got shared guardianship of him.

Harry ran to the door excitedly and, with a bit of a boost from Remus, managed to open the door to greet...

Sirius was standing there, his hand tightly grasped by a pretty young woman. Harry looked up at her with wide eyes. Coral black curls framed her tanned face, as she noticed Harry watching her she turned to him and smiled, showing off her pearly white teeth.

"Harry, I want you to meet my girlfriend." Sirius introduced proudly.

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