Chapter 2 - Bad Wolf

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The Doctor opened his mouth to continue, but before he could, I was engulfed in a bright white light.

"Evalinne!!" He yelled.

It was too late. 

I landed harshly on a red carpet floor. 

"Hello?" I called out weakly.

"Oh, you must be the new girl!" somebody to my side said.

"What?" I responded.

"Hello, I'm Lynda, and welcome to The House!" she chirped.

Two Months Later -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

A man stumbled out from the cabinet, disorientated and confused.

"Oh my god! I don't believe it! Why'd they put you in here? They never said you were coming!" Lynda yelled at the man.

"What happened?" he muttered, falling to the ground.

"Careful now. Oh, mind yourself! Oh, that's the transmat. It scrambles your head. I was sick for days. All right? So, what's your name than, sweetheart?" Lynda rambled. 

"The Doctor, I think. I was, um, I don't know. What happened?" he said. 

I stared at the man, confused. He resembled one of the faces I saw at school. He was The Doctor, but not The Doctor I met.

"You were chosen," Lynda said.

"Chosen for what?" The Doctor asked.

"You're a housemate. You're in the house! Isn't that brilliant!" she chirped. 

"That's not fair! We've got eviction in five minutes! I've been here for all nine weeks, I've followed the rules, I haven't had a single warning, and then he comes swanning in!" Strood yelled.

"If they keep changing rules, I'm going to protest, I am. You watch me, I'm going to paint the walls!" Crosbie followed.

I couldn't help but stare at The Doctor, who was standing there, completely oblivious. 

"Hey," I whispered.

"Who are you?" The Doctor asked.

"I'm Evalinne, I'm guessing you haven't met me yet," I said. 

His head snapped up and he looked at me, worried.

"Will The Doctor please come to the Diary room?" a voice said over the intercom.

Five minutes later he walked out and began waving some blue glowing metal thing all over. Lynda began to start up some conversation about The House. I flopped down on the couch, waiting for eviction. Luckily, music started to play and the others all joined me on the couch.

"Doctor, they said all housemates have to gather on the sofa," Lynda said.

"I'm busy getting out, thanks!" The Doctor responded.

"But if you don't obey, than all the housemates get punished," Lynda sighed.

"Well maybe I'll be voted out!" he perked.

I snorted. "How stupid are you? You've just joined, you're not eligible," I said.

"Don't try anything clever or we'll get it all in the neck," Lynda commented.

"Big Brother house, this is, Davina Droid. Evalinne, Crosbie, Lynda, and Strood, you have all been nominated for eviction. And the eighth person to be evicted from the Big Brother House is... Crosbie!" A voice said.

I sighed and laied back down on the couch, along with The Doctor. I watched Lynda and Strood say their mushy goodbyes than waited for them to join us on the couch.

"I don't believe it, Crosbie," Lynda chocked.

"It's only a gameshow. She'll make a fortune on the outside. Sell her story, release a record, fitness video, all of that. She'll be laughing!" The Doctor said.

"What do you mean outside?" Lynda asked. 

"What are they waiting for? Why don't they just let her go?" The Doctor demanded. "Oh, just shut up!" I yelled. "Eviction in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1," The voice said.

"What was that?" he yelled. "Disintegrator beam, you idiot!" I yelled. "She's been evicted, from life," Lynda followed.

"Are you insane! You step right into a disentegrator? Is it that important? Getting your face on the telly!  Is it worth dying for!" he screamed.

"You're talking like we have a choice!" Lynda yelled.

"But I thought you had to apply," he said.

"Really? I was pulled from an awkward conversation with another 'you' and now I've been here for two months with this stupid lot!" I yelled.

Everybody looked at me in shock. I was never one to talk around people, plus I was only fourteen, and I was thousands of years ahead of my time.

"Rose is out there. She got caught in the transmat. She's a contestant. Time I got out! That other contestant, um, Linda with an I. She was forcibly evicted for what?" he asked.

"Damaging property,"  Lynda responded.

"Like this?" he asked as he pointed his metal glowy thingy at the camera. 

"The Doctor, you've broken house rules. Big Brother has no choice to evict you," A voice said.

"Come on than, open up!" he yelled as he banged on the doors. 

"I'm coming with," I said.

"No, you're not," he responded.

"Watch me," I smirked as we both walked in to the disenegrator.

"Come on than, Disentegrate me!" he yelled.

"Eviction in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1..."

The countdown stopped.

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