Chapter 6 - All Roads Lead To Ragnarok

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Chapter Six – All Roads Lead To Ragnarok

25th April 10:12 AM

“Where do you want it?” I asked Athena, walking with the large machine hovering behind me. She had just arrived with the Providence, which was currently cloaked behind the house.

“With the others inside” she replied, hauling an equally large machine inside her mechanical suit, “It shouldn’t take too long to set up.”

“And what exactly is it we are setting up?” I asked, holding the large doors open for her.

“A new surveillance system” she explained, “I call it ‘Athena’s Unmanned Rapid Orbital Reconnaissance Agent’, or AURORA for short.”

“And how does this work?”

“Simple really” she said proudly, “I’ve hacked into hundreds of human satellites in orbit, which now send a feed back to me here. I can access the government surveillance satellites of pretty much every country, even civilian telecommunications satellites. Basically if the humans can find it, I can find it. But I can go one step further; these satellites can be controlled from my computers, and I can use them to search for any person in the world. Every satellite searches for facial recognition on the target and when possible matches are found I’m informed almost instantly. Pretty cool huh?”

I smiled, “Oh yeah, this should give Archaeans the edge against Silverlight. We find the leaders, wherever they’re hiding, and take them out. All they have to do is step into sight right?”

The mech nodded, “Right.”

I lowered the machine where Athena indicated, taking a step back as she exited her armour.

“Now if you’ll excuse me, I have much work to do. In about an hour I should have this thing fully set up, and then I’ll give you a demonstration of AURORA’s capabilities.”

I nodded, “Just give me call when you need me, all the equipment you’ll need should be around the back.”

“Excellent” she turned to the machinery she had assembled in the large room, staring at them thoughtfully. “I’ll call you when I need you Kinetic.”

With a small nod I turned, walking back out into the hallway. Until we found out the locations from Crowley we were stuck doing nothing. It was unusual for the businessman to be so late, normally he was extremely punctual.

Cassius and the rest of the Argonauts stood around the table with Belisarius, who was clad in a new set of armour in the Argonaut colours of red and black. A magnetic strip along the back held his scythe, the large blade sat over his shoulder sticking out to the side; compliments of Athena. In addition to my team and apprentice two holograms of high-ranking Archaeans were also present.

“Yes” the captain nodded to the two, “We’ll detain him as soon as he arrives, assuming he still comes. We have the resources to extract the truth, by force if necessary.”

“Very good,” one of them replied, “Inform us immediately of any information gleaned, we will be sending a collection crew for him when you have completed this task.”

“Understood,” Cassius bowed, “it shall be dealt with.”

As the holograms flickered I stepped forward, “Let me guess, Crowley?”

“Yes” Nathaniel nodded, “It’s obvious really; he’s been selling information to both sides. The twins will catch him when he comes in to deliver the information on Silverlight and collect his payment; then we can put the pressure on him until he talks.”

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