My Sweet Apple Dumpling

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"Hi, welcome to Royal Dumpling. How may I help you?", Ginger spoke as she looked up and saw the eight year old  Riku's crooked smile under his curly red hair. She gave him an annoyed look and rolled her eyes. She turned around and was about to walk away. She found her dad in the hallway with a concerned look on his face and pointed back to the counter to see Riku's hand waving at her and calling her to come back. 

"Please don't send me back out there" Ginger whined about to kneel down and beg. "He just comes to annoy me. He never orders any food!"

"A customer is a customer. Go out there, ask him what he wants and give it to him." he said. Ginger did not want to waste time trying to change his mind. After her mothers death nine years ago she could never find a way to change his mind, so she never tried. She took a deep breath and look back at her dad just to make sure he had not changed his mind. He did not. She hung her head and walked down the hallway to get to the counter.

"Your back! I thought you would stay back there, considering the way you ran the last time I came. So do you want to go out, get a smoothie, or something. Maybe you want to see a movie, ohhh I heard there is a cool new movie about these cool techy-glasses things that eat away at people's brains, just like the museum exibit about how your brain has all these black and red things that just float around in there, we can go there too, and ohh have you heard of that place where ninjas serve your food and that place, what is it called, oh yea, Bouncy Palace, I heard they have this cool karate jungle theme thing that..."

"Riku?" Ginger mumbled.

"... you jump on and it sends you shooting into the air..." he continued.

"Riku?" Ginger interupted.

"... and then you swing on this tire string, that is really just rope..."

"Riku, R-i-k-u, Riku?!" she said already annoyed.

"...and you fight these ninjas that come out of nowhwere, and..."

"RIKU!!!!!!!!!!!" she yelled.

"Yeah?" he said calmly smiling, "You dont have to yell, ya know." 

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