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Dylan POV

     The images just kept coming.

     Never ending just keep going from start to beginning.

     It starts when I hid Anny and Eric under Anny's bed. Seeing Anny cry and Eric shake was enough to make me collapse and lay hopelessly there. But I didn't. I had to be the big brother my mom expected me to be.

    I ran out of Anny's bedroom and went outside. That's when i saw the thing. It was about the size of cow, with a bowed back like a broken-down horse, matted gray fur, skinny legs, and black cloven hooves. The creature's head seemed much too heavy for its neck. Its long, anteater-like snouts drooped to the ground. Its overgrown gray manes completely covered its eyes.

   But my attention wasn't on the thing it was my mom. She was laying on the soft, cold, grass not moving... I looked at the monster angrily, into its eyes... 

   That was my mistake...

   I felt dizzy, the world was spinning. The dizziness got to me. I fell to my knees and clutched my stomach forcing myself not to throw-up. I breathed hard. My vision grew blurry.

    I didn't know if the dizziness got to me, but I saw someone. He had blonde hair and intense gray eyes. He looked as if he was in his early 20s.

      The thing obviously got mad and charged at me. It knocked me over, as I fell a bruise appeared on my head. I stayed on the ground too dizzy to get up and run.

     The man got out a gun and shot the thing. It turned into dust. Just to make sure, the man took out a sword and slashed the dust.

      My vision got even more blurry and everything went black...    

     Instead of viewing the vision again I was falling. I fell into endless darkness. Nothing but darkness on all sides. 

       But that was when i heard her voice. Anny... She kept yelling "Wake Up!" but i couldn't see my sister. I only heard her soft, happy voice.

        The endless darkness was not so dark anymore. There was a light forming, in every direction the light brighter and brighter. 

       Anny's face appeared. She looked down on me with her eyes happy and wild.

    "Finally! Sleepy head you're awake! Took you long enough!" 

     I stared at her eye wide. I got up so fast I fell off the couch. Before Anny could die of laughter. I tackled her and kissed her face. 'I love you! I'm so sorry for everything! Where's mom? I need to attack her with kisses and hugs!"

    "Momie... She-the man told Eric and I that momie is..." She looked down.

     "No... Anny.." I chocked up. I started tearing up. "Please Anny if mom is hiding... No.. Please Anny. Please.." 

       "I'm sorry! Dylan, momie isn't here and it's my fault. But the man told me she's in a better place now. I'm sorry Dylan!" She started choking on her own words. 

     I couldn't stop shaking at her own words. Just when I was going to break down Eric came in and right behind him came the man. He looked the same as he did when he saved me. His blonde hair over his gray eyes. He looked at least 20. 

    "Good. You're awake! Time to go kid!" The man said looking at me with his intense gray eyes. 

    "Who are you? And what do you want?" I tried to hide the fear in my voice when I talked to the man.

    "Relax kid. Remember I did save your life. But my name is Noah. Noah Gregs. I want nothing. Just to keep you demi-guys safe."

He was right. He did save my life. But I don't know if I can trust the guy. Noah took out three bags from behind him. 

"Your stuff is packed and I hope you guys are ready to go."

  "Go? Go where?"

  "Your new home, of course!"

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