Chapter 2

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So... yeah, I felt like i left off at a weird time, and I'm procrastinating on studying, so, heres more!

When i woke up there was a large lady with curly hair standing over me. "Oh deary me," she said with a thick scottish accent, "You must be one stressed little girly." 

I nodded my head, "where am I?"

"Why, the nurses office," she shook her head sympetheticly, "You took quite a tumble when you fainted," she smiled and pointed a hand to the ceiling, "but thank the lord you don't have a concussion... I recomend you go to the hospital but i know your moms a busy lady so I'll let you stay in my office for the rest of the day," She rummaged through the drawers of her desk and pulled out a bag "we can share my lunch."

I told her I'd skip lunch because i just want to sleep, but in reality there was no way i was going to ruin my month with some sack lunch from my school nurse. 

The final bell rang, people filled the hallways once again. Now would be the moment I'd head over to Carolines locker, but i have to think some things over. I'd be better off if I had no friends. Noone to hold me back from reaching my full potential. I thought to myself but there was no denying that Carolines constant perfection made me try harder. Should I try to forget her? Would I actually be better off? A pain shoots through my head, I must've hit it pretty hard.

Without realizing I'm doing it I walk over to her locker, I'm glad noones there, I enter the combination and open it. The pictures of me and her during summer vacation are replaced with pictures of teen idols and her with popular people. I have been replaced... The hook has her lavender backpack, shit, she's still at school she could be here any minute. 

Better make this quick, my hands scavenge through her girly items and I look for my books and ipod. I search quickly but I'm clumsy and still a bit dizzy, so i knock a couple things off the bottom shelf "Shit!" I drop my backpack and quickly pick things up, my hands feel a leather back cover, i flip it over and it says 'DIARY', this may be a fast way to figure out what she's thinking, I slip it into my backpack along with my books. I stand and shove everything back in her little home-away-from-home. "Well look who it is, Mrs Anorexic Ana."

I whip around and see Reed and Caroline. Reed has her hands on hips but Caroline looks violated with my being there. "It's Lena, how many times do I have to say that to get it through your thick skull?"

"I don't know, how many meals do you have to skip to get through your thick thighs?"

"Whatever," I slam the locker, and look at Caroline, "I was just getting my books," 

I brush through them and get to the front doors rather quickly. I hope she does'nt notice her diary gone. While walking home I see a guy in ripped jeans smoking in the parking lot. He's kinda hot, but I can't concern myself with some jerk when I have to figure out what's going on with Caroline. 

I ignore all forms of human contact and head directly to my room and flip a middle page in her journal. 

Dear Diary,

Jackson is reallyreallyreallyreallyreally hot. Lena braided my hair, she's really nice. Lena didn't eat lunch again, It's kindof weird. Lena's bad attitude is kindof getting to me. Reed told me a super dirty joke today, I'm going shopping with her tommorrow.

Alot of mindless dribble, I skip a couple pages.

Dear Diary, 

Lena isn't eating, I think she has a problem. I told Reed that I havnt seen Lena eating lately. Reed said "then why is she still fat?" I don't think Lena is fat but i feel better, Lena looks healthy. I have nothing to worry about. Reed can be really nice. 

Jackson is really hot, I saw him smoking in the parking lot today. 

So that's how Reed found out. I don't know if I should be mad at caroline, she's kind of sweet, worrying about me. Reed is still a raging bitch. And Jackson is the guy that smokes in the parking lot... I hope Caroline doesn't get mixed up with him. 

I turn the page and I cant stop my self from doing a melo-dramatic gasp. 

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