The Plot

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* POV- Unknown *

To be quite honest I had been wondering for years how to get rid of that young demigod. That upstart Jackson who thought he was better than the Olympians themselves. First he thinks he has the right to disrespect us over and over then when he is offered immortality he turns it down. What kind of idiotic buffoon does that? He certainly never thinks clearly and I think the name that they gave him fits him very well: Seaweed Brain, Because he obviously has no brains in that little ADHD brain of his. There's never much going up there yet each and every ploy I have made to end his mortal life he has somehow evaded and made himself even more heroic. I couldn't stand it. Everyone either loves him or dies by his hand. He has too many friends to just outright kill. So for now he is beyond even my reach. As unfortunate as it it I couldn't just pick a fight with him. Not only would I be in much trouble with my lord but also there's the small chance that I would lose. Which would be unacceptable.

I would never live it down and being immortal has it's downfalls when concerning ones pride. I still receive hate-mail from something I did eons ago. But never the matter. I will come up with a fool proof plan. One Athena would even be proud of. The only problem is.. How do you touch the untouchable? My power as much as it is only reaches so far. Also obviously I would have to get away with it, and make sure the blame never came to me. The world would never forgive me. Too many of those blasted Percabeth lovers. Honestly what does that girl see in him? He is stupid, and stupidly loyal. As many times as he could have just let his friends die, he wouldn't. Admirable from a friendly perspective, yet unwise if one is trying to obtain a long life. He is rash and doesn't think things through. Which should make my job easier, except for the fact the girl loves him so blasted much. That's the only problem I foresee with killing him. I have no remorse for his death besides how it would crush Annabeth. I am no fool to see how much she loves him and how it would break her heart so, And I am not so evil as to ignore that love. But she is a smart enough girl to realize that I am doing her a favor. She is young and will find love elsewhere. Aphrodite may not approve of the end to their relationship she actually goes so far as to promote it. But what does that airhead know? How to look pretty and have as many lovers as possible? Tramp. She deserves a little heartbreak for all the hearts she has broken over the many millennia . That's just one more reason why I should kill of the boy. By messing with her little lovebirds of the century I am unwittingly getting back at Aphrodite. This is getting better and better...

The only thing is how to do it. How do I go about killing someone who is surrounded constantly by people who love him and are willing to kill and be killed for him.. Hmm. The only way to destroy a weed it to get to the roots. That's it! I must get to the root of this problem. I must begin and go back to where it all started. And I know exactly who I am going to use to do it.

* A/N* - Mwhaha the plot thickens! Just so you guys know this was totally unplanned. I was taking a break from studying and just started writing. I wrote this in like an hour! Haha. Anyhow! Who do you guys think it is? Comment and let me know XD! *

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