Chapter 3 •The Affects Of Loss•

Caskets were everywhere. 

I would turn to the left, one was there.

I would turn to the right and there was another. 

I knew I was hallucinating but it didn't stop the fear from rushing through my veins. If the casket were to open right this moment I would be a goner.

My breathing was shortening as I tried to stop the caskets from appearing in front of me. Panic was settling in, it was only a matter of time before the pain attack came.

This was just a day dream or in this case nightmare because this was not what I wanted to be thinking about.

I closed my eyes shut and began to run forward hopping to get out of here. Instead I bumped into something hard, I nearly fell but I held my balance and opened my eyes.

There before me was Tori's casket. It was one of the many I had been envisioning before but I could tell this one was different.

The box opened due to the impact from the hit I had caused. I tried to close my eyes shut but it wasn't working, it was like my eyes were glued open, only sparing me a second to blink.

Once the casket was fully open it was revealing a teenage girl. It wasn't Tori, it couldn't be, it looked nothing like her.

Yet the girl had the same hands, fingernails, nose, and even clothes.

"That can't be her."

"That can't be her."

"That can't be her."

I found myself repeating that same sentence over and over again. It couldn't be Tori, it just couldn't. It was someone else.

Was this a sick joke? It had to be, they lied. She never died because this isn't her.

It isn't.

"That can't be her."

"That can't be Tori." I whispered.

The girl's face was shrunken up. There were bald spots on her head that were missing blonde hair. Her lips were pouted out, almost like she was going to kiss someone.

This wasn't Tori. It couldn't be MY Tori.

This was just an early April fool’s prank, I'll be sure to get whoever did this back. 

"It is me, Gabe. I'm dead and we will never see each other again." I heard Tori's voice whisper.

I looked down at the girl, she didn't move, her lips stayed pouted out.

I looked around me to see the room empty. There were no longer other caskets around and certainly no people.

"Where are you!?" I called out "Show yourself!"

"You have to let me go Gabe." She whispered "I'm dead."

It was like her words had finally hit me. I looked back at the girl in the coffin and gasped. Suddenly when I looked at her now I could see the similarities, I could see that she WAS Tori.

She was dead. 

Tears fell from my eyes almost automatically as memories of her alive filled my mind knowing that I would never see her like that again. 

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