Finally Home

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"I'm are really going to miss you!" Brooke hug me for the hundredth time. I hug her back. I could feel tears trailing down my cheek. "Me too girl!"

"Miss her? She's only leaving for like a day or two. Right?!" I had forgotten I didn't told Sasha that I was staying at my hometown for good.

"Baby. Gosh! I forgot to tell you. Shannon here is growing up. She is going to fight for what she love!" She said cleaning her fallen tears with the back of her hand.

"What?! Oh my god IM GOING TO MISS SO MUCH!" Sasha ran towards me and gave me a bear hug. Brooke soon join the hug and we all cry. I'm really going to miss this girls. They help me out since the first day I step in this school. We had each other backs and always made each other feel better. Or  when we needed someone to listen we would always just go to each other.


"Come on girls. We're only leaving for a two days. You would see each other soon." My mother was getting a bit annoyed now. We been saying goodbye and hugging each other since we arrive to the airport .

"If only she knew we aren't." Brooke giggle. Sasha nodded agreeing with her. "Take care love." They said in unison. We all laugh. After it went silent we hug each other for a last time. "Come visit me!" I said to them and walk towards my mom so we could go home.

"I don't know what all the fuss is about. Your going to see each other in like two days." My mother shook her head.

I was trying to hold the laughter in. 'Yeah two days. Suree' I thought myself.


After about nine hours and forty minutes we finally arrive home. Living in Manchester is great, but I love living here in Canada.

"Ok. Let's go, I have already gotten a hotel so we could stay there. I look at her puzzled. "Why can't we stay at our house?" I ask her.

"Because. Now come on." I didn't move a muscle. I still don't understand why we have to stay at a hotel when we have a house we could stay at. "Shannon Ashley Mitchell!" I flinched how she used my whole name. Ops I really got her mad this time. I sigh in defeated and follow her to were ever she was taking us.


We been here for about three hours and I'm still not allowed to go out. I been stuck in this boring hotel for three freaking hours!

I felt my phone vibrate. It was a text from Brooke:

Hey Baby Shay! How's it going?

Not good:/

How come?

Well i been stuck in the hotel for 3 freakin hours!!! My mom doesn't let me go out!

Hahaha awww sorry love.... just tell her you want to look around or something.. tht would probably convinced her! :)

I would try! thnks baby love you!

Sure thing... Well I have to go:) bye!

Bye! Don't have to much fun!


I giggle at my phone. She's right I have to try and get out of here. I heard the door from the door open and close. 'Ok here it goes'

"Mom can I-"


"Ahh why not! I just want to look around. Come on please!" I plead. I really want to get out of here.

She was quiet for a while. "No Shannon." "Please mom! I'm dying of boredom here!" i plead some more.

"Fine. But only look around for a while. I expect you to come back in 2 hours." I ran to her and hug her. "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

'Finally free!' I thought as I ran to the door. I hope I see some of my friends. Or Ashley! That would make my day! I really want to see her.


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