Chapter 3

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"How'd your meeting with Callie go?" Kelsey another girl on the team, she plays defense asks. "Fine. The view was...amazing!" I tell her. Mr. Oswald walks by us and we pretend to be talking about our AP History project. "I bet it was" she teases. I punch her arm. "How are things with you and Katie?" I ask. She shrugs but I can tell by her face everything's better than great. "She finally told her dad but he was completely cool with it" she squeaks. I have to smile for her. Katie and Kels have been going out for almost a year now, longer than any relationship I've had, that could be because I'm not big on relationships. "What about you and Jen? I know y'all broke up but she keeps saying y'all are still sleeping together" she tells me. She moved here from Georgia as you can tell. "That bitch" I spit. "We broke up because she cheated on me. So why the hell would I get back with her?" I growl. "I'm just telling you what she is saying" she replies. "Thanks".

After school I rush to the Freshmen hall. I have to show Callie to the rink and show her how we practice. She's at her locker with another girl. The other girl is Andrea a soccer player whose also a sophomore. She better not be flirting with Callie I called dibs. I made sure that every girl I know whose not straight know I had called dibs and Callie was off limits.

I storm over to Callie and Andrea. I wrap my arm around Callie's waist signaling that Andrea should back the hell off. "So, do you think you could tutor me in French? I mean you were so fluent and I need to raise my grade by a lot" Andrea asks. I know Andrea. Tutor in her mind means to try and study but then end up making out. "Come on babe, we're gonna be late for practice and Coach Adams would flip" I say tugging at Callie to leave. She closes her locker, says goodbye to Andrea, and then we walk to the locker room.

"Come on ladies! Hurry up" Coach Adams barks. I watch as Callie removes her clothing. God she's hot. I put on my chest pad and then my jersey. I secure all my padding then grab my helmet. "Ready Callie?" I ask. She nods and I guide her to the rink.

"Okay ladies, we have the college scouts watching us so Coach Adams and I have decided that we'll have a mock game. After all we do need to see how well Miss Woodrow does on the team. Logan you're goalie for one team and Jamie you're other goalie. You guys can choose your teams. Coach Matthews says. Jamie is a senior and she kind of has it out for me. The reason being that I'm chosen to play more games.

I chose Callie and Katie on forward, Charlotte and Teddy on defense, and then Jack on center. Charlotte is a good defenseman and she's dating a volleyball player. Teddy is probably one of the only straight girls on the team and she's from Canada. Jack is our team captain and a very close friends of mine. Very close if you get my drift. Jamie chose Jen and Bree on forward, Kelsey and Amy on defense, and Maddie on center.

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