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Isabel's pov

Why can't I get off the ground yet?

"Haha Why don't you guys just just show her how to fly?" Jeff said jokingly

"Now that is a great idea Jeffrey!" trendy said

Splendy and Slendy nodded in agreement

They hunched forward and grew their own wings, it looked like ink dripping out of their shoulders and backs.

Slendy's long and sharp top tall deadly wings came out. Next now was Trendy his were more even looking and a more decorated in a unique decine and detail. Lastly was splendy with bright colored circles matching his suit and hat. They got up their wings and flew in the air just slightly under the tallest trees. Everyone, but Isabel and Jack, watched in awe as the three flapped their wings and trendy showing off.

"OK Isabel like this! See how Splendy is going back and forth."trendy said.

I nodded understanding what to do I just couldn't do it myself. I took a deep breath and opened my wings one more time wanting for a good enough breeze and flapped as hard as I..... I was flying! Yes Yes Yes! I flied straight to slendy and hugged him then to trendy and splendy next in a group hug, then splendy gave me a high five.


Eyeless Jack's pov 


Look at them fly, *Sigh* I should be with them! I should be learning how to fly with her! She wasn't even born with wings, so Why is it that I was born with wings and she's up there learning! I'm happy for her really I am... but... I should be there teaching or along side her learning. This is the first thing ever in our lives that we haven't done together.


Masky's pov


So Isabel can  fly... but I thought she wasn't born with wings? I know she can fly like Superman and I know she can ride on her synth like a witch on a broom stick. I remember how slendy would retract his wings inside his back Because it upset her cause she didn't have them. I know that when her mother was pregnant with her all slendy wanted to do was to teach her how to fly, but when she was born without them he did his best to make her feel normal. He treated her with so much care, like she was so fragile she'd break so easy.

Until she made her first kill that is. When she became a killer they didn't baby her anymore after that slendy started training her teaching her how to hunt when her blood lust started to get out of hand slendy got a friend to give her prescription blood pills.... I still didn't understand Why they would rather stay here then go back to the underworld where they're from.... True Isabel's and Jack's parents wanted them to have normal lives and not be killers, but now that they know Why are they staying? There's nothing for us here anymore

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