Be Single

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MaidenArtemis has posted a message:

MaidenArtemis: Be single forever!

All hunters, Athena The Wise, and Hestia have liked this

AphroditeBeauty: No Artemis. Just no. You are not going to ruin my plans

MaidenArtemis: I don't care Aphrodite. Men can hurt us

AphroditeBeauty: It's all part of love

MaidenArtemis has logged off

AphroditeBeauty: She's too scared to admit she was in love once
MaidenArtemis has posted a message:

MaidenArtemis: All the single ladies

All the Hunters of Artemis: All the single ladies

Reyna: All the single ladies

Rachel: All the single ladies

Every Other Single Lady: All the single ladies

Leo: Put your hands up!

Reyna: Seriously Leo

MaidenArtemis: Leave you evil boy

Leo: I'm not evil; I'm sexy!

MaidenArtemis: Leave you fly

Leo: Never! and why a fly

MaidenArtemis:* Turns Leo into a fly* Because your are pesky and annoying

Leo: Buzz buzz biz biz buzz
MaidenArtemis has put up a petition:

MaidenArtemis: Join the hunters and be single forever. Your reward is being immortal unless you die in battle

Annabeth: No

Piper: No

Katie: No

Hazel: No

Reyna: Maybe

MaidenArtemis: Join

AphroditeBeauty: Don't join I have plans for you

Reyna: I'll think about it

Reyna has logged off

MaidenArtemis: ~_~ I hate you

AphroditeBeauty: Thank you. You could have had an amazing love life

MaidenArtemis: Never!
Percy has updated his status:

Percy: I hate my sister!!

Annabeth: When did you get a sister

Percy: This morning and she even redecorated the cabin

Chickoo: That's not nice cheep cheep

Percy: Well how about this; cheep cheep cheep itty cheep!

Chickoo: I'm offend

Percy: Well you should be because you are annoying

Poseidon the Awesome: Apologize Perseus

Percy: Fine. I'm sorry Chickoo

Chickoo: You are forgiven cheep
Chickoo has posted a message:

Chickoo: Read your haikus Apollo! They suck.~ Apollo

Apollo: okay

* Fifteen minutes later*

Apollo: Oh my eyes! They hurt from that stupidness

@n@n!@s: I tried to tell you last time

Apollo: You were right!

Chickoo: Don't you ever make a haiku again. Promise

Apollo: My haikus are bad
I am very sorry all
But I won't quite them

Chickoo: You will stop eventually. I always get my way

Percy: She does

Apollo: Never!
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