I woke up the next morning to a sharp pain on my face. Trying to recall last nights events I remembered what had happened. Oh yeah, mom hit me. Great another story that I am going to have to make up to my friend Janelle for why I was randomly wearing make-up. I got out of bed and went to plug in my IPod that way it would last me the rest of the day. I walked across my room to go check my phone, and it said Saturday. My brain was trying to remember what I had that was important today, but then it hit me. The Black Veil Brides concert was today. I mentally slapped myself over the head because I had completely forgotten about it. I quickly checked the time on my phone, and it said 4:00 P.M. How the hell did sleep almost all day.

I quickly ran to the bathroom to take a shower. Thankfully no one was home so I could sing BVB as loud as I wanted to. I quickly grabbed my phone and put all three albums on shuffle and jumped in. I quickly got out of the shower and looking at the time, I had no time to do my hair, so it would have to go natural today. I went to my closet and pulled out one of my many BVB t-shirts, black skinny jeans that were ripped, some converse that I had tricked out, and my Wild Ones jacket that I had ordered off their merch store not to long ago. I quickly added some black rose earrings, a simple silver necklace, my rings, some eyeliner, and mascara. I barely had enough time to run a brush through my hair and put some perfume on when I heard a car honk. Already knowing who it was, I grabbed my phone and my IPod and flew out the door.

I literally jumped into my friend Janelle's '67 mustang. She looked at me and laughed. "You looked like you just woke about an hour ago." I looked out of the corner of my eye and just smiled. She turned up the radio and we were off to the venue.

We were about ten minutes out when I turned towards her and asked, "Do we get to meet the band after they are done with the show?" She turned to look towards me and she gasped. "What's wrong?" I gave her a concerned look. "Lyla Jane Blade!!!! What in the hell happened to your face !?!?!?!?!?" Damn! I knew that I had forgotten to do something. "Did your mom hit you!?" I was in la la land, then I was snapped back into reality. "Yes." She sat there driving in silence for a few seconds. "Why didn't you tell me things were getting worse between you and your mom?" I sat there trying so hard not to lose it. "I didn't want you to worry about me, and I didn't want this to screw up the weekend. That's why I didn't tell you."

"Lyla you're my best friend you should tell me when something like this happens. Whether you like it or not you are staying a couple of days with me ok?" I just nodded in agreement because no matter how hard I tried to argue, she would always win. We sat in silence for a while. Barely even able to talk I said, "Thanks for being there." She just smiled and went to looking back at the road. "Now lets have fun at this concert." We both shouted.

We had arrived at the venue way earlier than I thought. Janelle went to go find a parking, but wasn't going where all the cars are usually supposed to go. Instead she went to were the tour buses are parked. I gave a strange look. "Janelle where are you taking us???" She laughed. "Ok besides getting you the tickets, there was something else I was able to do." I was trying to rack my brain to think of possible outcomes to what she just said. "Ok continue...." "Just wait a minute and let me park the car." She found an empty space and parked the car as fast as possible. She shut off the engine, got out of the car, and shut the door. "Well you coming???" I automatically did the same.

Janelle had led me to the BVB tour bus and she was about to open the door when I swatted her hand away. "What are you doing??? You can't go and randomly go into peoples buses." Ignoring my comments she opened the door anyway. This is not going to end well at all. We walked up the steps and all I saw were the 5 members to Black Veil Brides all jump up and scream "Baby Jinxx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I screamed "BABYJinxx?!?!?!?!?!?!?!"

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