Chapter 4

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I slightly turn my head to catch a glimpse of Andrew as he walks to the other side of the room and enters the kitchen.

Andrews POV:

I walked into the kitchen, my hair still damp and ratty. I had managed to get dressed and walk out like nothing was happening, one of the biggest stars in the world was sitting in my kitchen and I act like it was NOTHING; as I walked into the kitchen and switched on the coffee pot it occurred to me.

"I could give Niall his coffee like I promised and get him out of here as quick as possible without feeling bad about bailing on our plans."

I pull out 2 mugs from the cabinet and some cream from the refrigerator as I hear the triple click from the coffee maker.

"well" I thought to myself as I filled the mugs up, my face like stone as I watched the brown liquid fill the sides of either cup.

I stopped at the entrance of the living room and took a deep breath with both mugs in my hand.

"show time" I whisper to myself before I make my way into this predestined disaster.

I'm so totally and completely freak out of my mind. I know I keep playing it cool like all of this is no big deal but the fact of the matter IS a big deal.

"Shouldn't I be grateful that he's willing to go on a date with me? After all you DO have a huge crush on him" I think to myself.

"No! Snap out of it Andrew! Yes, he may be famous, but he's a player. You have to respect yourself before anyone else can, don't let ANY guy compromise your morals" I tell myself as I begin to set foot into the living room.

It was deathly silent, like the city of Chernobyl. I felt all eyes on me, I instantly tense up. I catch my breath and relax as I sit the 2 mugs on the coffee table, I slump down on the couch next to madi. A few moments pass by as we sit in silence, it feels like hours. The repetitive ticking of the clock is the only sound running throughout the house, until madi finally pipes up

"Soooooo...?" She lets out.

I clear my throat and adjust myself. "Sooo?" I replied.

Madi straightens up and begins "Well, this has been a TON of fun" she says in a half sarcastic manner. "I'll give you two some time to talk, I should probably get to class I wouldn't wanna be late" she replies she begins to make her way across the room.

"But madi it's Saturday" I reply.

At this point she has already grabbed her coat and keys

"You can never have to big of a head start when it comes to knowledge" she replies as she opens the door.

"You're in your pajamas, don't you think you should change?" I raise my voice.

"Got fresh laundry in the car!" she yells as she shuts the door.

A few moments pass by as I hear Madis car pull out of the drive way.

Niall folds his hands and leans over, I hand him one of the mugs.

"What's this" he said with a puzzled look on his face.

"It's the coffee, I promised you a coffee date remember?" I say as I pick up the other mug.

He takes a few sips from his mug and after a moment or two

I say "so you came here to talk, so talk"

He sits down his mug without saying a word.

"What I wanted to say is...." He started but I cut him off.

"What you wanted to say was you were just messing around and you never meant for it to get this far, you're not interested in me, and you have a girlfriend. Yeah I think I get it,now if that's all you had to say I think you should leave" I say as I sit my mug down.

As I'm placing my mug down he grabs my hand I look up and lock eyes with him. He moves over and is now sitting next to me, still holding my hand.

"That's not what I wanted to say at all" he began. "You see the problem is......" He takes a deep shaky breath "I'm not out of the closet yet" he says keeping his eyes on the ground.

"They boys know, and so does management;but that's it.

Management says it would be in the best interest of the band if I kept my "personal life" personal. So they have hired girls to hang around me so pops can snap pics and let the rumors fly, keeping them off of the scent" he said

"I really do think that I may like you and I would like to go on a few dates and see where things go if you'd like, but this would all have to be a secret. We can never be together in public or do the things normal couples should do."

He takes another shaky breath and looks me back in the eyes. I can see the pain,sadness, and embarrassment on his face, it's a look I have seen all to many the mirror.

"If you don't want to do this I would totally understand" he begins "you deserve someone who would be proud of you because your unbelievably handsome, smart, whitty, absolutely brilliant and most of all.....honest" he says.

I feel his hands begin to sweat an his cheeks turn blood shot red. I took in ever word he said and tried to process it all while he batted those beautiful eyes at me that begin to well up with tears.

I was choking on my words there were so many things I wanted to say but I couldn't manage. His eyes got softer and he began to frown, he looked totally crushed, like his soul had been shattered. He let go of my hand and stood up "I understand" he said as he turned and began to walk to the door.

"What am I doing!?" I thought to myself "say something stupid, he's leaving!" I tell myself.

"Niall wait!" I finally shout out.

He turns to meet my eyes, a new found look of hope on his face, I walk up to him, he's a bit taller than me and I hadn't realized it until now when I had to look slightly up to meet his eyes. They were red and puffy like he was about to ball, and I seen him wipe away a single tear.

"Yeah?" He asked.

At this point we were so close that I could feel his warm breath hit my face. I look down to his hand and intertwine my fingers with his. I look up and slowly begin to grin as does he.

My heart was racing so fast but the only thing I could focus on was his beautiful eyes.

"Niall.......any guy who is willing to bear their true feelings out for me and is willing to go THAT far for me can DEFINITELY take me out on a date." I say as his grin turns into a huge smile.

The blood was pumping so fast in both of our bodies causing our interlocked fingers to throb. I get on my tip toes and kiss him on his warm cheek. It was bloodshot red now. I felt his whole body tense as he pulled me in for a hug.

This just felt so right. Like I've been waiting my whole life for this one moment, like he was my missing puzzle piece when he was in my arms. He squeezed me a little tighter and I burrowed my face in the bend of his neck,but our perfect moment was the sound of a camera going off.


Hey readers! Thanks agin for reading and merry ALMOST Christmas :)

The camera went off, so is this the end of Andrew and Niall even before they ever start? Leave me comments on what you think is going to happen.

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