Chapter 14

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When me and Dan were laying down in my bed, I had flashbacks of me fainting and passing out and falling on the floor from a lack of food. I remember looking in my mirror and crying. The pillow case that I had stilled smelled like tears.

" Is it just me or does this room have a bad sort of ora or vibe in it, because I just feel pain in here. Your body is tense and the pillow smells like tears.... I know that there is pain in this room." Dan said it quietly.

" Yes there is. I'm hearing the cries of pain I had when I was unsatisfied with myself. " I said and was staring into the water on my Titanic poster.

" I'm sorry. I really am." He said and kissed my neck and pulled me closer.

We were both facing the wall and my room was freezing. We were both shaking and the blanket was getting washed after 3 years of not sleeping in it. Dan was kissing my neck lightly and I put my hand in back over my head and in back of Dans head so I could ruffle my fingers through his straight and soft hair. My dad was downstairs watching TV but it was on low volume. I thinks that me and Dan were fooling around around. After a while he turned it up. It was the last day of November and my mom, if she was ok, and dad are supposed to come back with me and Dan to London until the end of the holidays.

" I'm gonna go down to get the blanket. Be right back. " he looked so sexy. His tall body with a jumper and his long legs in his tight black skinny jeans. I must say his but looked fine.

" Mister Howell, must I say you look very fine today. Now hurry up and get the blanket. You beast! " I said the last part sarcastically.

I heard him running down the stairs and I was needing a kiss from him. One that made my stomach drop and the one that made your body tingle. I got up and looked at myself in the mirror. I lifted up my shirt. Ew is all I could think. I was getting better though. As long as people loved me I didn't care. He came running back up the stairs and he had a cloud of white blanket around him. He tackled me onto the bed and wrapped me in the blanket. I was giggling and Dan was smiling.

" It is warm enough? " He asked.

" It would be warmer with you. Hey how many days until Christmas? " I said.

" Ummmmm, I think 21 because its the fourth. Simple math Jenny wow, " he was in the blanket and holding me " LOL JK. " He said it almost to much like a girl. He sounded like Kim Kardashian when he did.

" I'm so excited for my first Christmas with you, and in England. " I said.

We talked about plans for the holidays until we fell asleep. We were gonna invite phil and Elisa and my mom and my dad. We also talked about seeing my mom and Dan said that he was scared if mom didn't like him. I kept telling him what I did I on the plane and talk like I'm close to him.

I woke up to my idiot neighbour sawing things in his garage. A power saw! Dan slept through it but we were going to visit my mom at ten and it was 9:12. I woke Dan up and my dad was awake. Dan got up and did his thing while I slapped on some makeup and we left. The hospital called this morning according to my dad and said that she might be coming home today. When we got there she was walking around and doing really good.

" Mom you know I bought someone with okay, and HE, is scared to meet you but I think you'll like Dan. " I said.

" Okay as long as you like him and he is nice to you, I'll like him. " She said. My dad was in the hall with Dan.

" DAAAAAANNNNNNN! COME IN HERE! " I yelled down the hallway.

He came walking in with his hands glued to the side until he managed to take one out and shake my moms hand.

" Hi, I'm Dan. I've many good hints about you. " He went in with confidence.

" I hear that your Dating my daughter. Never told me how handsome he is Jennifer. " My mom looked at me and laughed.

" Yeah I am. She's an amazing girl. Oh and uh, thank you. " he said.

" Are you gonna come back with us to England for a merry Christmas? Dads going, only if you go. " I asked.

" Yeah probably. If I feel good but I already do so. I would stay in your apartment though. Hotels are too expensive. " My mom said.

My dad was just sitting on the corner. My mom got to know Dan better until she was called to go home. We waited like an hour in the waiting room and finally at 3 o'clock, we went home. We had a nice Chinese food dinner and my mom went to sleep at 7 o'clock. My dad went to bad later on and me and Dan went down town. We just wanted to walk around and have some fun. Maybe see the lake. We went up in the Sears Tower and I got scared. Then we waked back to the train and didn't go on it. We sat at a bench by the entrance. We held hands and kept each other warm and kissed. We admired the beautiful lights on the trees and gazed at the fountains and marvelled at the lights above us on the buildings until we got to cold and went on the train.

" The city is so gross but cool. WOAH DID YOU SEE THAT HOUSE!? " It was so cute. He was like a storm watcher looking for lightening.

" Yes I did. I've seen every time I come on the train. " I was laughing at his stare out the window.

" I wish I could live here. It's so cool here. You're so lucky. " he said.

" Your lucky you got to live in London. Chicago is so boring. " I was still laughing at his fascination.

" No, London is boring and Chicago is fun and cool. " he sounded a little sad.

When we got to the underground part, you couldn't hear anything. But I could hear the faint sound of Dan singing. We got home around midnight.

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