Chapter 1

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The sound of the wheels on my skateboard in one ear and Pierce The Veil in the other. Riding to band practice was one of the best times of the day.

"Hey kid! Stop singing that god awful satanic music!" The old guy down the street from my best friends house yells. I flip him the bird and push my board down the sidewalk even faster. As soon as the wheels hit the asphalt of his driveway the board is flipped from the ground up to my hand, I walk into his garage, my dress shoes making a slapping sound on the tile in the doorway.

"Hey... What happened to you?" He asks staring at my uniform.

"My mom's trying to break me... You'd know that if you actually showed up to school for once! Can I go get changed?" I ask, unzipping my bag.

"Yeah, you know where the bathroom is... you're over here enough." He says laughing.

"Yeah yeah." I say walking into his house.

"Hey Angie, how's it going?"

"Hey Teresa, it's going all right I guess. My mom's trying to break my sanity again." I say scooting passed her towards the bathroom.

"That explains the uniform, can I just adopt you already?" She asks smiling.

"Please do! I've been waiting for you!" I say reaching out my hand towards her. Andy's mom has always been like a second mom to me. She always says she's going to officially adopt me into her family one day, and she means it. I walk into the bathroom and see my reflection in the mirror. My bland grey sweater over my white dress shirt, my grey black and pink plaid knee lengthe skirt, wit white knee socks, and black dress shoes. My hair in a long black and teal braid down the middle of my back, and my black framed glasses topping off the nerd look. I immediately ripped my hair out of that god awful braid letting my long hair fall down to my waist, I took off my glaces and put in my contacts. I ripped through my bag again looking for my outfit to wear on THE MOST IMPORTANT DAY EVER! I pulled out my black skinny jeans, my brand new Sleeping With Sirens shirt, and my black Van's. Not to mention a countless number of makeup products and braceletts. I did my make up with bold black eyeliner and a black/red smokey eye, I topped off my look with some bold dark red lipstick. I walk back into the garage with a few whistles from my bandmates.

"Wow..." Andy says giving me a once over.

"What?" I say laughing at how frazzled they all are.

"You actually look hot." Jaymee mutters.

"Thanks guys." I say blushing and pushing some hair behind my ear.

"Okay now are we going to do this or what?" Devon asks sitting down at his drumset. Today was the day we've all been waiting for. My boys here have been so strong with my endless demands of band practice. Even though we were probably going fo fall on our faces and fail it was worth a shot. Record companies have decided to open their gates to one lucky winner. Between 5 record companies they'll decide one winner who will get to tour with their favorite band, and get signed to that lable. You could say it was making every performer a little nuts, but you'd be wrong. Complete pandamonium has broken out since this started, and it just keeps getting worse. We've all dedicated countless hours parcticing our set, choosing that one perfect song that we hope will bring us to the top.

"I'm so proud of all of you. Just had to say that, you've worked so freaking hard and I couldn't ask for anybody better to be in my band." I say hugging all of them.

"Okay don't get all sappy now, lets just shut up and play... Even though we're probably going to suck." I slap Andy on the back side of his head.

"Just shut up!" I yell at him. I walk over and grab my guitar and put some tape on the tips of my finger. Because of our million hours of practice I kept ripping my fingers open on my strings. It hurt so bad I almost gave up, almost.

"For Pierce The Veil! And fame!" Devon yells picking up his drumsticks. Teresa agree'd to help us with the camera work, since she was back at college getting her film dagree I knew she was going to be amazing. We did what I thought was our best cover, Bulletproof Love by PTV. I played the notes so fast that the tape almost ripped off my fingers, Jaymee's bass was as solid as it's ever been, Andy on backup guitar was amazing as always, and for the first time in months my voice didn't crack during the song. It was perfect in my opinion. Teresa uploaded the video to the website, now all we could do is wait.

"You guys were amazing!" Teresa says hugging me and Andy.

"What we don't get hugs!" Devon yells, stretching his arms out waiting for a hug. Teresa walks over andhugs him and Jaymee. We all went into the house and Teresa made us dinner, I texted my parents and told them I was staying at andy's house tonight and as usual they didn't care. devon and Jaymee decided to stay over too, we had school the next day where they would announce that one special person or group. We didn't sleep the entire night, we stayed up as usual with me obsessing over bands, Andy by my side trying to deny how funny they were. And Devon and Jaymee playing games on Andy's x-box. Until later we all finally got together on Andy's bed and red Creepypasta's. Eventually I was so sleep deprived that I passed out. I woke up the next day on Devon's lap, Jaymee curled up on a blow up mattress on the floor and Andy with his arm protectively acroos my body. This was the day we were all waiting for, this was the day that could change our lives forever.

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