Chapter 13

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Sophia's POV ~
*beep beep beep*
I groaned and pushed the snooze button on my alarm. Ten minutes later it went off again, i went to hit the snooze button but i felt someones hand on top of mine stopping me from hitting snooze.

"Ya gotta get up sweetie." My dad said.

"Noooo!!" I whined shoving my face in the pillow.

"Its 6 already, i know you dont want to go to school but you have to go back today." My dad said.

"I wanna drop out an be homeschooled! I hate school and everyone in it besides Gracie and Dylan." I said muffled into the pillow.

"No your not dropping out to be homeschooled. Come on, you can do this. Its almost over, 3/4 of a year left." My dad laughed.

"Ugh.... Fine." I groaned and sat up.

"Thats my girl." He kissed my forehead and left my room. When he left i fell back onto my bed and looked at my phone to see what time it was. It read 6:10, i figured i would just rest a little more but wound up falling back asleep.

"Wake up Soph." I heard a voice say, and i felt a thumb run down the side of my face.

"Ughh...." I groaned into my pillow not even knowing who was trying to get me up.

"We're gonna be late if you dont get up." They said and placed a kiss on my temple. I looked up from my pillow and saw Dylan. I smiled and shut my eyes again.

"I dont wanna go Dyl...." I whined.

"I know but you half to. Its 6:30 you gotta get ready." Dylan said.

"Nooo....." I just didnt want to move.

"Dont make me have to move you myself." Dylan said and laughed his adorable laugh.

"So be it then." I said and threw my hands up and surrendered.

"Okay, i warned you though." Dylan said. He started to tickle me and i laughed uncontrollably.

"St-op! DYLAN!" I laughed trying to breathe. I was now sitting up trying to make him stop. He stopped and leaned his forehead on mine and pecked my lips. I looked into his perfect brown eyes and got lost. Our noses squished together, i smiled and so did he. We got up and Dylan sat in my desk chair. I went over to my dresser and got my softball shorts and team shirt.

"I didnt know you played softball." Dylan said while watching me change.

"Theres a lot of things you dont know about me. And eyes up here O'Brien." I laughed as he looked back up to my eyes. I finished getting dressed and grabbed my bag. We went downstairs to the kitchen to say bye to everyone.

"Wow, look who's up! Way to go Dylan." My mom said and i blushed.

"Mom..." I whined and Dylan laughed.

"I have my ways." Dylan chuckled and Tara made a fake gaging noise.

"See ya guys later." I said and we left.


"I think im gonna go see Vinnie today..." Gracie said while rolling her orange around on the lunch table.

"Why the hell would you do that?" I asked.

"Because he texted me saying he wanted to talk." She said picking up the orange and starting to peel it.

"You really trust him?" I asked.

"No, but if hes in the hospital with a compound fracture i think i'll be safe." Gracie said.

"Why do you think he wants to talk?" Dylan asked.

"I dont know... But i wanted to know if you would come with me Soph? If you dont want to i understand..." Gracie said.

"I'll go so your not alone, but if Ryan shows up i have to leave." I said.

"Thank you soo much." She hugged me an started to eat her orange. Gracie got up and threw out her stuff and went to the bathroom.

"You gonna be okay?" Dylan asked.

"Im not sure... But shes always there for me i have to go." I said.

"Its great that your going for your friend but be careful." Dylan said while grabbing my hand.

"I will, if i need you i'll call you." I said and smiled.

"Okay, i'll be right there if you call." He said and kissed my cheek.

Then thing i knew i felt something hit the top of my head. It slid off my head onto my lap. I heard laughter and turned around and two of the guys from the baseball team had dumped apple sauce all over me.

"What the hell!?!?" I yelled at them as they laughed. Dylan didnt find the funny at all. He stood up and punched one of the right in the face.

"Dylan Stop!! Your gonna get in trouble!" I said pulling on his arm as he backed it up to punch the other one.

"Yeah listen to your stupid girlfriend." The one Dylan hadnt punched yet said.

"Dylan please." I begged him looking in his eyes. He went to put his fist down when the one kid punched him. I let go of Dylan and he punched the kid back. The three of them were fighting, it wasnt a fair fight it was 2 against 1. Gracie was coming back from the bathroom and saw what was happening and ran over to me to ask what happened. I couldnt get them to stop but finally two teachers came over and stopped it. One of them saw what happened.

"ALL RIGHT THATS ENOUGH!" The one teacher yelled. "All of you to the principals office. Now."

"Me too?" Gracie asked.

"No the three boys and Mrs. Johnson." The other teacher said.

When we got to the office the one teacher went to talk to the principal before any of us were called back. I was allowed to go clean up and change into my gym clothes. I came back and all three boys each had a bag of ice. The principal called me back and got my part of the story. I told him i wanted to go home. He called my mom and she came to pick me up.

"I'll come over after school." Dylan said as he walked outside with me.

"Im going to the hospital with Gracie remember." I said.

"Right... I'll text you later then." Dylan said.

"Okay." I looked at the bruise under Dylan's eye that was starting to show already. "Ice that when you get home, and no more fighting. Please for me." I said and kissed his other cheek lightly.

"Okay, but only for you Soph." Dylan pecked my lips and i got in the car and my mom brought me home. The ride was silent and when we got home i showered and stayed in my room till Gracie came. We left to go to the hospital and we were both nervous for different reasons.


We were standing outside the room staring at each other.

"Ready to go in?" I asked her.

"No... Not really." She said.

"Look im right here with you hes not gonna do anything." She nodded and opened the door. We walked in and Vinnie's leg was on top of two pillows and in a cast.

"Hey Gracie... Soph." Vinnie said.

"What did you want to talk about?" Gracie asked.

"Well i dont really want to talk about it in front of Soph..." Vinnie said.

"Anything you can say to me you can say in front of Soph." Gracie said.

"Fine... But since Soph is here i also have to tell her something." He said.

"What?" I asked.

"I want you to know the accident wasnt my fault. Ryan told me to hit you, i said no that he was out of his mind but he punched me... He pushed on my right leg therefore pushing on the gas pedal. Thats how my leg broke. It got jammed when we hit you. I wanted to apologize... Theres something really wrong with him lately...." Vinnie said.

"Are you telling the truth?" I asked.

"Yes i am." He said.

"I believe you and i know... Hes um... Doing drugs... Thats partly why i broke up with him. When the test comes back positive they're gonna send him to therapy and rehab..." I said.

"I-im not gonna be his friend anymore." Vinnie said.

"Good." I said.

"Can i talk to you alone now Gracie?" He asked.

"Does it really have to be alone?" She asked.

"I would prefer it..." He said.

"I'll be right in the hallway if you need me." I said ad left.

Gracie's POV ~
"What do you want to talk about Vin?" I asked sitting in the chair by the window.

"About us." He said. I turned from looking out the window and looked at him.

"What do you mean 'us'? There is no more us, i told you that." I said.

"I know but thats what i wanted to talk about. I want to truly apologize to you for everything i've ever done to you." Vinnie said and i looked back out the window holding back my tears. I still kind of liked him... He was my first 'love' my first kiss, first everything.... So even though he was an ass theres still a part of me that cared about him. But i couldn't let him see that.

"Really Vinnie? Everything... Everything you've done to me. You think you can just apologize and it will be okay?" I said.

"Im sorry Gracie. I dont expect you to just say yeah its okay i forgive you. Thats not what im saying. Im saying that i want you to know im sorry and i want us to talk about this. I want to know how you feel. I realize that i treated you wrong, im sorry i cant go back and change that. But i want us to work this out so we can at least be friends." He said.

"Vinnie... I dont even know where to start.... I mean you were my first everything. Everything Vinnie... Im mean you cant just treat people the way you treated me.... I-i dont think i can express to you the way i feel." I said as a tear fell from my cheek to the floor.

"Im willing to listen." He said.

"Vin i-i just... I will always care about you. Theres a special place in my heart for you but... I just dont know Vinnie. Answer me one question.... If i forgave you, and trusted you as a friend, would you hurt me again?" I asked. He motioned me to come sit on the edge of the bed next to him. I did, i sat down and he grabbed my hand.

"Gracie i promise i will never hurt you again." He said. I looked him in the eyes and i saw the Vinnie that i fell in love with. Not the Vinnie that i broke up with. His brown hair flat on his head, his green eyes, soft smile. I just knew he was telling the truth. I ran my hand through his hair and placed it on his cheek. I leaned down and placed my lips softly on his. He kissed me back. Even though i was mad at him i missed him. I pulled back and laid my head on his chest. He put his hand on my head and ran his fingers through my hair. I could hear his heart racing.

"I love you Gracie."

I didnt know what to say. I honestly was trying to understand what had actually just happened. Did i really still like him that much? Was it worth giving him a 2nd chance? I mean i just freaking kissed him! We had been broken up 5 months. Neither one of us saw anyone else. I've never felt this way about someone. Did he really just make a mistake and is back to the guy i fell in love with? Well theres only one way to find out...

"I love you too Vin." I finally said filling the silence of the room. "Im whiling to give you a second chance Vinnie." I said not moving. I felt him kiss the top of my head.

"I promise i will be back to the good old Vinnie you loved and not the asshole who you broke up with." He said. I picked my head up and looked at him. I pressed my lips to his and our lips moved in sync like they always did. We pulled back catching our breath, i smiled.

"Good cause thats who im giving the 2nd chance to." I said.

"Im glad Gracie." He smiled.

"Look i gotta get going, Soph really didnt want to come but she came to support me. There was a big problem at lunch... I'll tell you later but i want to get her home." I said.

"Okay, text me. I leave here in a couple days." Vin said.

"K, bye Vin." I got up smiled and walked out of the room. As i was walking to the waiting room i heard yelling. I heard Sophia's voice screaming so i ran to the waiting room. When i got there i saw 4 security guards, 3 trying to contain Ryan and 1 holding onto Soph.



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