High School

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My alarm goes off it's 5:45am I get out of bed and get into the shower again. When I get out I brush my teeth and get dressed. I wear Abercrombie shorts and a Fitch t-shirt. I put my wallet in my back pocket and my iPhone in my front pocket. I grab my bag and shoes then I walk into the living room. I put on my shoes and get my headphone on and shuffle my rock and alternative playlist. Then I have to leave I shut the door and lock it then I walk down to the bus stop and when I get there I see Rachel, Kaylee, Emma, Elle, Natalie, and Makenzie. I walk over to Nat and Makenzie and talk to them and we wait for the bus. The bus finally comes and I sit in the front seat alone. Because everyone else is sitting with someone that they know. I was hoping Nat would sit with me but she went back 2 more seats. I turn on my music and sit back and look out the window. We come to the next stop. Ty's stop. Ugh I hate my life, I keep looking out the window and avoid his face. But obviously it didn't work because he sits next to me.

An says "hey babe and tries to hug me."

I push him out of the seat and say "don't call me that and don't touch me!"

"Aww why not boo? You know you like it when I hold you in my arms."

"Ty we aren't a thing anymore! You cheated! So stop acting like nothing happened. It's pissing me off even more. Just leave me alone!"

"I'm not going to leave you alone. So you might as well get used to it."

I turn my head and look out the window and turn up my music. Finally the bus gets to the school where we are given our schedules. I got all the classes I wanted. We stay in home room the first day then the second we start there but go to our other classes. I get over to the senior campus. All of the upperclassmen stare at me and it creeps me out. I get into the gym and sit with everyone else. Then we are put into our seats. After about two days I make a new friend named Tori. Then Chris an old friend also joins my PE. He starts talking to this girl Lauren and then me and her become friends. After a month. It becomes Chris, Lauren, Ella, Gabi, Shelby, Shelby May, Tori, Cameron, an me. This becomes our big group for PE. Shelby and I become close friends inside and outside of school. She introduces me to Megan. Who becomes my friend like instantly. Then Megan introduces me to Adriana. Who is related to one of my friends. So basically I make lots of new friends.

So my schedule is basically this. We run on block schedules. So on red days I have: World Geo. Eagles Nest which is basically a study hall period. English. Lunch. Business. Art. Then on blue days I have: PE. Eagles Nest. Spanish. Algebra. Lunch. Biology. An that's my schedule. Which alternate by day. So today I have a blue day and I get off the bus on the senior campus and I have my headphones on and music playing as always. I walk down the hall to where I meet Megan and Shelby. I'm walking there and this sophomore comes to me and pulls my headphones out. I look at him and ask "what the fuck was that for?"

He looks at me and says "your cute."

I just say "What the fuck?" and then say "bye" and walk away.

I can hear that guy calling my name and I just turn up my music and get to Megan and I take out my headphones and say "hide me!"

She says "ok here." She points to the the crack between the vending machines.

I squeeze in between and Megan stands in front of the crack and looks at her phone and acts like nothing just happened. The sophomore comes up to Megan and asks if she's seen a cute guy with brown eyes and brown hair. Megan looks up and shakes her head and says "nope." He looks at her and then says "ok" and walks away. She moves and I squeeze back out and asked me "who was that?"

"I have no clue. I was just walking down the hall and he came up in front of me and pulled my headphones out and told me I was cute. He creeped me out so I just kinda walked away."

Megan looked at me and starts laughing her ass off. "But he was so sexy!!! You shoulda got you some!"

I looked at her and winked and said "maybe I will!! Haha" I laughed and we started talking about the guy and his body and face. Then Shelby walks up and says "hey guys!!"

We both say "Shelby!!!!" An both hug her to death.

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