Kathryn's Pov.

The feeling of the whip that lashed across my back jolted me awake; I gasped for air, thinking I was still underwater. My heart was pounding against my chest painfully, once it settled; a strong hand palmed my shoulder. I turned to see my Sensei with a cup of tea in his hand.

"Sensei-"I started.

"Hush." He ordered and placed the cup towards my lips. I drank the tea slowly letting the warm tea soothe my throat; next to me, I noticed that my shirt was destroyed and covered with blood. The only thing that was covering me were the bandages wrapped tightly around my chest and stomach.

I clenched the cup in my hands and got up on my feet despite my Sensei's orders. He was annoyed and followed me to his kitchen. Sensei's apartment was high class but he tries to keep it in a similar way of a Japanese house.

"Y'know you're one of my most stubborn students, Katherine; you never know when to rest when you are wounded." Sensei lectured as he took my arm and placed it around his shoulder.

I chuckled as he took me in his arms. "My sisters and I were your only students." I reminded.

"Which makes all the more reason for me to be responsible for you three," Sensei noted setting me down on a small cushion on the floor in front of a small coffee table. I held my stomach.

"No one asked you to Sensei," I whispered. Sensei was the only vampire that we trusted in the camps; he was assigned to teach and train hybrid warriors to fight but some who went through his training never survived. The council knew that Sensei was one of the strongest and respected vampire to their elders, at first Sensei never wanted any more students.

He refused the job offer before and planned on moving back to Japan; the council wouldn't allow it and force him to take us as students. They beat us in front of him until he agreed; Sensei was half American and Japanese. He was turned near the second world war in Okinawa where he was a soldier in the war; at that time when he refused to kill innocent villagers that were hiding in a shrine.

"I know; I didn't ask Kat but I care for the three of you as if you were my own children." He explained which bought a smile on my lips.

"At least you care; my mother probably enjoyed the council's punishment on me," I confessed; Sensei passed me a bowl of hot noodles.

"You shouldn't speak about your mother like that she cares for you."He tried explained, I rolled my eyes grabbing the bowl of noodles and chopsticks.

"Sensei were you watching? As they killed that little girl and beat me because I wouldn't follow an order?" I asked blowing on the noddles to cool them down; he stares at me while I ate until he answered.

"Yes, Kathryn all of us were watching." He answered sadly.

"And my mother just stood there just as I expected her to but I see your point." I declared finishing the last of the noddles in my bowl.

"Luckily my sisters weren't there to see it." I praised gratefully gathering the dirty dishes, getting up until more pain dashed through my back; I set the dishes back down on the table.

"They would have fought back killing everyone who'd touch you." He acknowledged taking the dishes from the table; I guess he noticed. I chuckled.

"You know if we did that; killing everyone in the council. We'd be dead."I reminded him, he nodded coming back towards me with a knife; he knelt down in front of me and slit open his palm.

"Here you need to heal." He urged, I gulped loudly and pushed his hand away.

"No, if I do; the more I get addicted and become a Drainer. I just can't." I explained, he understood what I meant. I felt something wet on my hands and looked down to see that I was bleeding once again.

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