RANTS - Ignorant Close-Minded People

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Who do you think you are? Talking to me like that, disrespecting my sister? Oh HELL NO BITCH! Go ahead and talk about me whatever way you want, but when you suddenly claim things about my older sister, who you don't even know, you're dead in my mind. Before you call for help, let me explain where all my rage and fury spawned. It all started on Friday the 20th. It was supposed to be a fun day. It was the last day of school before the winter break, and it was an early release day. My older sister was not at school for fifth period, due to a volunteering project, so I had to pick up a basket of cookies from her friend.

You see, my sister is a part of what my school calls, The Mr.Bowmen Pageant. It's a male beauty pageant my school created to raise money for Doernbecher, a children's hospital that has helped our community. The goal of the pageant was to raise money. My sister decided to raise money by selling cookies in each class. Other pageant contestants took part in the cookie selling. It became a trend in our school. In every class, you would find someone with a basket of sweets ready for retail. Anyway, I picked up the basket of cookies, and walked to the band room, my holy sanctuary from this, well for lack of better word choice, hell hole of a high school.

Everyone was in their own spots around the band room. Some people tried to poach off a cookie from my sister's basket, but I stopped them. It felt like no one in this school cared that these cookies were for charity. Whenever I gave some thief the usual spiel about how stealing a cookie from a sick child's medical bill, it felt as if no one was listening. I quickly veered away from everyone else who were trying to steal from me (mainly the other freshmen). I got to my band locker, grabbed my music and my oboe, and tried to leave. Before I could escape to the door, my peer, Kate, who was already in a conversation with Emma, decided to stop me.

"You know you stole that idea from Kyle, right?" Kate sneered in her pitchy voice.

"Kate, you know you can't necessarily steal the idea of selling goods to customers." Emma defended me.

"Yeah Kate, and if it was considered stealing, that means that my sister stole the idea from Kyle's sister, Cass. And Cass probably stole the idea from, well, stores, and those stores must have stolen the idea from the cavemen." I retaliated back, "And besides, it's all going to Doernbecher, so who cares who sold the cookies first?"

"Oh, so that means these aren't for Mr.Bowmen?" She piped back up with that squeaky bitch voice of hers.

"No, they're for Mr.Bowmen." I explained to her slowly.

"Well I bought a cookie from Kyle, since you know, he is my friend." Kate bragged.

"That is great for you, Kate. I'm just trying to help my sister sell cookies for her and her partner." I nodded my head.

"Who's your sister's partner?" She asked.

"Carmen Carlyle." I answered back.

"Oh I know him! Yeah. MAYBE, I'll buy a cookie from your sister now that I know she's partnered to Carmen." She smiled at me.

"Sure, well I'm going to buy cookies from my sister since she is, you know, my sister and all that jazz." I explained to her for the umpteenth time.

"Well you should've bought from Kyle. He was  with you since marching band camp. And he is so friendly to everyone, especially in the band family. I don't even know your sister." She claimed.

"Well although you make a good argument about why I should buy treats from Kyle, I think I'm going to stick with my sister. Especially since she is family to me, literally. And although Kyle, has been with me since marching band camp (which started in August), my sister has been there for me since my god damn birth. NBD, but she actually held me. And guess what? We are in the same fucking family. I think you should give me a little leeway about who I buy the cookies from, don't you? Or maybe, you're the ignorant type of person who thinks it's all about who wins? CAUSE IT'S NOT BITCH!" I answered angrily.

Before she could anger me any more than she already had, I left.


I feel sorry for my father who had to hear about it when I got home. You would NOT want to be on the short end of that stick. Like every other human being, I started to think of other clever things I should have said to her. One that stuck in my mind was this. Your brother, Denver, works at the movie theater correct? So does that mean that you buy popcorn from him, and only him? Or do you just buy the popcorn from anyone? Because it is going to the same foundation. Although this pageant is a great fundraiser, it also raises the competition between close friends. Not to generalize, but high school students don't really understand the reasoning behind the pageant. It makes people gloat about how their BFF is raising more money than someone else. It makes people trash talk their opponents and creates further isolation between the groups of people at the school. No one I know notices how this one cookie, from whoever's basket, can change the life of a sick child with a very large medical bill. It could be the difference between a family's need for a loan, or a clean slate.


Hello everyone. I truly apologize to those readers who do not appreciate the profane language I used in this rant. I just felt that you could feel my anger with that type of language. To prove myself, I promise, nay, I vow to never use another curse word in any of my rants. EVER. All the italicized parts of the rant are the things I wanted to say, but never did. And if you didn't know, all the names I used in this rant were fake. So please do not come to my school searching for Kate. And for those of you who have a story similar to this, leave a comment telling your story. And just to stay equal, when have you ever been a Kate? I would love to hear from you. And while you're typing, tell me how you felt about this rant and it's word choice. Was it too much?

Sincerely, Olivia

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