Chapter 25: Monster Mash

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All those monsters and Conner goes crazy. I mean we all get our weapons out and he stands there. All of a sudden a caduceus appears in his hands and he screams." Where in Hades is my brother!!!!!! If you don't tell me then fight!"

All the monsters looked at each other burst out laughing. They couldn't take him seriously. I couldn't ether but I held back my laugh. Then he popped.

He went around and hit a few the monsters with the caduceus." I remember he said he was good at Candy Crush and whack a mole." Leo whispered.

" How many of you have heard of Candy Crush?" Conner asked the remaining monsters." Show of hands."

All of the remaining monsters raised their hands. Leo, Annabeth, Jason, and I also raised our hands.

" Then you would all know that there is one person on this whole planet that they call the 'master' because he is on levels that nobody, even the creators, knew existed." We all nodded our heads." Well guess what? I'm the master and I'm also the master at whack a mole."

With those words he flew around the room and whacked the rest of the monsters out of existence. We all stared at him. How had he done that? Where on Olympus did that caduceus come from?

He looked at us." What are you staring at? Let's I-M the others."

He dug a drachma out if his pocket and handed it to Annabeth. She found some water and sent the iris message. When the other side appeared, we saw Athena talking to Percy ' Take good care of my daughter or else.'

'Yes ma'am.'

Athena smiled and left." I'm glad to see you two getting along." Annabeth said.

The others turned around. I could see Percy, Hazel, Frank, Nico, Thalia, Katie, Piper, and Travis. They were all together. We had to get them but we also had to get Bessie. What were we going to do?

"Jason!" Piper yelled.

" Annabeth!" Percy screamed.

" Travis! Katie!" Conner shouted.

Everybody smiled at each other." So where are you guys at?" Frank asked.

" We are at Medea's mall." I replied." We just had an encounter with quite a few monsters. Conner took care of them since he is the master. Anyway, where are you guys at?"

" We're at the wharf." Thalia spoke.

" The wharf." Annabeth echoed.

" Yeah that's what I said; the wharf. What's wrong Annie?" Thalia asked.

Annabeth became pale." Last night I had a vision. Luke came to me. He was a two year old."

" His reincarnation form?" Percy asked.

Annabeth nodded her head." He told me quite a few things. But one was stay away from the wharf. I didn't exactly know what he meant until now. I now know he meant you were all there but the enemies are gathering there."

Jason looked at Annabeth." How are we going to get them out of there?"

Annabeth became more pale. A stern, serious look came over her." We can't unless we want all of us to die."

" Guys look out!" Nico screamed.

It was too late. With a hit and bang, the world went dark.


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- Alena

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