Truth, Lies, and Heartbreak

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Hey guys this is my first story on WattPad so if y'all have any ideas or constructive criticism please just contact me and I will check on it for you. Now this story is told from three point Of views. Alle's, Mason's, and Cole's. Other than that, enjoy

Truth, Lies, and Heartbreak




5 years ago:

Light. All around me. Around us. We blinded the world we lived in. We were so happy. People always said we were going to get married even though we were in sixth grade. We weren't even dating at the time. They just sensed it. And by "they" I mean my best friend Kim. Her real name was Kimberly but she tended to blow her top when anyone called her that. Especially me. It was part of our crazy friendship to do these things. Kim and I have known each other since we were in third grade. We're close yet we don't go to the same middle school. She goes to a private one and lets just say that if she can't have her skater shoes and multi-colored hair, she isn't Kim. The school turned her into a "Kimberly" and she hated it. They made her strip her hair of the color and made her wear skirts and flat shoes. It was torture for her. I went to a public school where I was forced to find a style to call my own. Sporty? Nope. Tom boy? Not a chance. Girly? I never even bothered to try. It would never have worked. I went through a few more that included cargo pants and plaid shirts. I was a disaster but I had my guy on my side. Mason was a savior for me. The school we went to was a rich white school and they tried turning me from "Alle" to "Allesia" which is my full first name. Nuh uh, no way that was going to happen. I eventually found a style at the end of sixth grade that worked. But all I can say about Mason is that he was perfect. I should never have let Kim do what she did to me. To us. She started my own living hell on earth. And it refused to cease.


Chapter 1: Only the beginning-Alle

(Just as we started walking towards each other, I noticed who it was. The man who saved my life more than once. Andy Biersack. He walks up to me and goes to-)


My alarm has ruined yet another amazing dream. I angrily swat at my clock Please, please, PLEASE let me get back to my Andy!!!!

I scream in my head

The relentless shriek of the alarm practically yells at me to get off my butt and get ready. Why? because it's the first day of eleventh grade. Whoop-dee-do. Was it really just 3 years ago in the December of our eighth grade year Kim (now going by Kimberly and blows her top if you call her Kim) destroyed what was most previous to me? It was. The time went so fast yet everything seemed to have stopped and my own private hell Began. Private school has done a number on her. Now she dyes her hair blonde instead of pink and blue. She wears heels instead of her old skater shoes. And short skirts instead of skinny jeans. People could say the same about me. I used to be so colorful but then Mason and I were split and I ended up finding a style that year that has stuck with me: band shirts, black skinny jeans (some ripped, some studded, some just plain) and my black combat boots or converse. Her hair is typical gorgeous rich blonde girl that's popular. My hair? Black, "emo" hair with bangs that swoop over my eyes and forehead. My parent think it's a phase and I'll grow out of it and become like Kim. I have no intention of that. I haven't even talked to her since she ruined my life. She broke a promise and hasn't done anything to try and fix it. Anyways, people used to call me "Allesia" then "Alle" and now some just simply call me "Al" and by some I mean Cole. What can I say? People can think what they want. In fact, I couldn't care less what they thought. They're all just a bunch of judgmental wannabes. And the only thing I "wannabe" is free of these imbeciles. They could choose to be whomever they want in this world but no. They have to all follow HER. or should I should I say THEM. Aubrey, Amy, and their leader: Ansley. The richest of rich and girliest of girls. In fact, their makeup alone costs almost 300 dollars. And they have multiple spare sets. One for each of their beach houses in the Hamptons.

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