Chapter: Three

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Jasmine's P.O.V

Thanksgiving Day

Chres: * walks out of the bathroom in a towel* I'm ready to eat already

Jasmine: I bet you are fattie

Chres: *walks in front of me* I ain't fat

Jasmine: *looks him up and down* whatever

Chres: You tryna get some of daddy?

Jasmine: * laughs* Not right now

I walked away and smirked. He shook his head and slightly smiled.

I walked into Christina's room and picked her up.

Jasmine: How you want your hair?

Christina: umm like mommy's

Jasmine: you want a bun?

Christina: I want bun

Jasmine: Ok

I picked her up and sat her on my lap and started brushing her hair and she was playing with my buttons on my shirt.

Christina: ouch mommy

Jasmine: I'm sorry

Christina nodded and continued to play with my buttons. Chres walked in and leaned on the door frame.

Chres: so glad I ain't a girl.

Jasmine: shut up

Christina: *sticks out tongue*

Chres: Daddy gone take your tongue

Christina: *giggles* nuh uh

Chres: uh huh

Jasmine: *smiles* get your timberlands

Christina: *hops off my lap and runs to her closet* I got em.

Chres: *walks in and sits on her bed*

Jasmine: get off biggie

Chres: *kisses my cheek and pinches my side* I am not fat

Christina: uh huh

Chres: come here Christina

Christina: *giggles and hides behind me*

Jasmine: *laughs and put on her timberlands* come Christina daddy not gone get you.

Christina: pwomise *holds out pinky*

Jasmine: *wraps her pinky around Christina's* promise

Christina: *giggles*

I laughed and picked Christina up and Christina stuck her tongue out at Chres.

Chres: *laughs* imma get you later

I shook my head and laughed we got into the car. We all were going over kyaira and craig's house for thanksgiving.

Christina: I ready to eat!

Jasmine: *looks back and laughs* you are huh

Christina: yup *smiles and kicks her legs*

Jasmine: *laughs*

Chres: I'm hungry too

Jasmine: stop at McDonald's then

Chres: Ight

I leaned back on the window as Jhené Aiko bed peace played.

All towards McDonald's and towards Kyaira and Craig's house was quiet not an awkward quiet a peaceful one. I got out the car and Chres picked up Christina and we walked to the front door. Kyaira opened the door and she smiled and we walked in.

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