I won't us to be very good friends

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Taylor's pov

kate: what happened to you as a child?

Taylor:....I ... I got molested...

Kate: omg im sorry...who did it?

Taylor: kate look.... I come from a very poor family sooo we had to do what we had to do.... I was only 12.... this man said he would give my family some money if he could just see and talk to me...my mom sent me to him and he took me to an abandoned house ... my parents were outside waiting not knowing what he was trying to do... he started feeling all over me and kissing me ... he tried to pull down my pants...and then I kicked him in the nut and ran outside to my parents and then we all ran back home n we never saw that man again...

kate: do u know his name?

Taylor: yea it was something like Steve Frank I think...

kate:(shakes her head) man thats sad...

Someone knocks at the door, kate gets up and walks towards the door and they knock again.

kate: im coming ,...wait damn

she opens the door furiously then changes her face from agitated to surprised

Jaden: hey is kate in here?

kate:umm y do u wanna know?

jaden: i need to talk to her please...!

kate:how do u know she wants to talk to u

Jaden:well.... ask her then... ig

kate turns around to look at me

kate: Taylor do u wanna talk to this guy right now

Taylor:umm... ig ....tell him to come in...

kate moves out the doorway and let jaden walk towards me and all that time she's giving him the evil eye.jaden stands infront of me.

Taylor:so...what did you want to talk about?

jaden:I wanted to say sorry again I didn't mean to-

Taylor:how the hell u don't mean to hop in a shower and slap your dick on someone's pussy hun?

Jaden:im sorr-

Taylor: fuck yo sorrys cuz they aint nun but a word

Jaden: please just... just forgive me I...I just thought you were like other girls-

Taylor:well now u see don't u ugh...can u leave please jaden

Jaden walks out without saying a word and leave


Taylor's POV

Sine that little fight me and jaden had I have been getting all kinds of gifts at my door like flowers, jewelry,and clothes.I've never asked who it was from but I have a thought that it is Jaden.

I got a little hungry so I went to Starbucks. I walked inside and got in line, I noticed the hair cut and I knew it was Jaden, so i tapped on him. Jaden turned around and,when he saw me he kinda smiled .


Jaden: hey

Taylor: I wanted to tell you that im over the whole thing that happened and thanks for the things you left at my doorstep.

Jaden: umm... ooh the flowers

Taylor:yea but you sent more than that

Jaden: nooo.. I just sent u flowers every other day

Taylor: are u lying to me

Jaden: no  I only sent u flowers someone else may have sent u those other things

we advance in the line and orderd our things, then sat at a table together . I sip on my coffee.

Taylor : r u serious u didn't send me those things


Taylor: hmmm... o well ,so.... tomorrow I have a game

Jaden: what sport u play(looking confused)

Taylor: basketball

Jaden:(sip his coffee and almost choked on it)don't go to the game

Taylor: haha why

Jaden: just dont go please

Taylor: y not its my first game

jaden : cuz....

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