Chapter 4: Kimmy

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  I arrived home and sighed in exhaustion.  I finally have my thoughts all to myself, dealing with Kani's really exhausting  She's sleepy so I have this precious luxury of being in control.  With a smile on my face, I checked the time on my phone.

  "6:30," I read quietly.  "The party starts a nine sharp.  Like Samuel says, there's no harm in being fashionably late."

  I walked to my room and laid the dress on the bed, scarlet's such a beautiful color.  I opened the doors to my walk in closet to complete the look.  My eyes found the perfect shoes, black platform heels with red on the bottom.  They're perfect.  After changing, I quickly did my hair and makeup.  I felt like I was forgetting something though.  I went back to the closet and searched around for my secret compartment.  It opened up to reveal a safe with a keypad.  After typing in my pin, the door unlocked and I grabbed my artist bag.  Kani would love to see this right now.

  "8:00," I read from my laptop screen.  "Getting ready took a lot longer than I thought."

  I double checked my things to see if I was forgetting anything and printed out a picture of Dominic Grey.  He's actually fairly handsome!  I wonder what he's like though, Samuel wouldn't send me on a mission if the target is garbage to the world.  With a smile on my face, I walked to my car and placed my bag in the trunk in another secret compartment.  When I got in the car, the GPS turned on as soon as I shut the door.  I started my long drive to the mansion and the car phone rang.

  "Hello?" I asked after pressing the right button on my rear view mirror.

  "Kimmy!  So good to hear from you again, I should call you more often," Samuel said happily.

  "Samuel, it's good to hear from you too," I replied.  "You always know the right things to say."

  "It's a gift," he chuckled.  "Did you take the medications?"

  "Kani's sleeping...for now."

  "And the outfit for tonight's party?"

  "It's a beautiful shade of red, remind me to send you a picture."

  "The bag?"

  "In the trunk," I reply,

  "Excellent.  I'm glad I chose you for such a difficult task.  You're so organized."

  "Is there anything else I should know about Dominic?"

  "Mr. Grey is always throwing parties to flaunt his wealth, so to speak.  He has numerous extravagant gardens but there's a small problem, there has been rumors that he has been having affairs with some of his party guests."

  "So he's lusty?"

  "Yes, you could say that.  So for this mission you should be flirtatious.  Rumors also state that he's into the quiet type."

  "Quiet, innocent, and flirty.  I can do that," I sighed.

  "Enjoy the party Kimmy, and hopefully Kani will enjoy this dance."

  Samuel hung up and I realized that I arrived at the party.  I parked the car near the entrance and tossed my keys to the valet.

  "Can you be careful with my car?" I asked sweetly.

  The valet turned into a deep red and looked around nervously.

  "Me?" he asked.

  "You have my keys right?" I asked in a softer voice.

  He then nodded and smiled.  He also started messing with his collar.

  "Thank you," I said and gently glided my finger under his chin.

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