Chapter Five

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     "Did you really think that you could get away with killing the top alpha without having some consequences? I know that you are aware of your air shifting abilities due to killing your mate, but do you know how powerful you really are? If the dark elves had you on their side they could complete what they set out to do in the begining. Snow, they are trying to control everything. You must follow my instructions carefully. This isn't just about you anymore, it's about all of us."  I looked into pans eyes and nodded my head. everything was about to change for my boys, but one thing would remain the same. I will not allow anything to happen to them.

The dark elves were surrounding our borders and working on a plan to ambush our mansion. The leader had his back turned to me and, but I could  hear him talking to his second in command.

     "....stupid girl! How could she have killed her mate for those sniveling creatures! She killed our best asset and now we are going to kill her precious boys. We will break her and make her watch their torture. She brought this upon herself. We move in three weeks." 

I could feel the anger from his words boiling through my veins like a raging fire and let the heat sread through my body. Suddenly all that surrounded me was darkness, but I could hear the screams of my boys all around me. I could hear Pan yelling at me to stop, but I didn't know what I was doing or how to stop it. Their screams echoed around me and I covered my ears and let out a scream of desperation. I opened my eyes to see that I was back in my bedroom and the boys were surrounding me with terrorfied expressions. My skin felt energized and alive, I almost felt giddy with excitement and power. But suddenly time slowed and I looked over at Ricky. A single tear fell from his innocent eyes as I saw burn marks on his hands and sweat poring down his forehead. I raised my hands to my face and realized that my whole body was engulfed in flames. Horror speed through me and I screamed and thrashed. I wasn't burning but everything around me was. Pan was yelling at me to calm down, but I couldn't remember how. The boys were rushing in with buckets of water, but nothing could tame the flames. Pan lunged at me and pinned me to the bed as he screamed at me over the flames. "REMEMBER THEIR LOVE"  I focused on the love that I had for them and that I didn't want to hurt them anymore. The flames finally subsided and I broke down in tears. I grabbed little Ricky and rocked back and forth while I whispered to him how sorry I was. I could feel myself slipping into darkness and allowed blissful sleep to take over me.

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