The Loss (Chapter 2)

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Setting-Kaitlyns Funeral
*A Week After Her Death*

I enter the funeral home, dressed in all black. As I walk down the decorated halls all I could hear was the click of my heels on the tile. I turn into a room where everyone who knew Kaitlyn was talking and crying. I walked in between the rows of chairs to the front where the casket was. I stood in front of it , staring at my bestfriends lifeless body. She looked more peaceful now then she ever did when she was alive. Everyone took a seat and everyone got a turn to stand up and speak. When it came to my turn, I stood up, walked to the front , I got about 3 sentences in , And then I broke into tears and collapsed to the floor, unable to speak. I started breathing heavily and I thought I was going to hyperventilate . Kaitlyns mother ran up to me and helped me up and took me out of the room a spoke softly to me.
"Darling, it is going to be okay. She will always be with us in our hearts. Trust me, it's not easy for me either, considering I'm her mother. We will get through this together . Okay? I know how close you and Kaitlyn were. One day, we will both be with her in heaven." She said in her calming , soft , and gentle voice. I could tell she was close to tears. A few hours later it was time for the burial. We were lead out into Lakewood Cemetery. I stood by her grave and set down the flowers I picked from my garden earlier. I sat down next to her tombstone and cried. I stayed there for at least 4 hours after everyone left. I wasn't leaving her. I couldn't. My mom had to come pick me up and drag me out. That night , I sat in my room and cried. I didn't sleep at all. I just cried and stared into space, wishing I was with Kaitlyn again.

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