Chapter 20

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"Dinner!" Katie yells. I put my pencil and glasses down and walk downstairs.

I help Katie set the table and we start eating. "So anything special happen today?" I ask.

"I made a new friend. Her name is Judith." Zack says.

"Ooh a girl!" Katie says teasing him.

"She's just a friend." he says.

She smiles and says: "I passed my that algebra test."

"The one that's 90% of your grade?" she nods. "Good you better of." I mutter.

"Im writing a song and tomorrow Zayn's gonna take us to see mom" I say looking at Zack. He just gives a small smile.

After dinner I go upstairs and go to my closet. I pull out my blue scrapbook my mom gave me. I change into pajamas and crawl into bed. I open the book. About 20 minutes later there's a knock on my door and Zayn walks in.

"Hey gorgeous." he says walking over to me.

I smile and flip the page. "What's that?" he asks taking his shoes off. He sits so Im sitting between his legs. He rests his chin on top of my shoulder.

"A scrapbook of my family." I explain. I flip the page.

"This was when my mom brought home Zack." I say pointing to a picture of my mom holding baby Zack.

"Aw he's so cute." Zayn says. I smile.

"This was when we went to Disneyland." I say showing him a picture of me in a mickey hat.

"That's me getting my face painted" I say pointing to a picture of my dad holding my hand while the lady paints a heart on my cheek.

"Why is he holding your hand?" he asks.

"Cause I was scared" I say.

When I flip the page my heart brakes. "That was the day we found out my mom was sick." I say a tear rolling down my face.

He must of seen it cause he said: "Don't cry. It hurts me to see you crying." he says putting the book on the desk next to the bed.

He pulls me on top of him and holds me. Soon I stop crying. "Im sorry" I say tracing his shoulder.

"Its fine. As long as you and Zack are ok. Im ok." he says kisses my forehead.

I kiss chest, jaw line, then lips. "I love you" I whisper.

"I love you too. You're my world, and nothing can take my world from me." he says tightening his grip on my waist.

"Tomorrow I'll drive you and Zack. Then we'll go see a movie or something." I nod and close my eyes. Soon I drift off.


hey guys!!! so i found out im not good at ice skating. who's ready for Christmas?!?! comment what you think :) love you guys!!

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